1. No doubt my words will receive stern opposition, because who am I to show the educated the errors of their way.  We after all have invented the atomic bomb and computer chips.  And we have a vast array of devices to check out and measure just about anything in nature.   And with our costly accelerations we probe deep into the atom.  

  2. Whom therefore does he think he is with no doctoral degree, nor ever having studied in our schools of learning?

  3. At great cost and with much effort we put together a whole library of facts and figures defining everything.  And now he will come and change just about everything that we have dedicated our life unto?  

  4. He will take the light from us and make it something else altogether, and while with our sophisticated devices we have seen the particles go into all directions, he fastens them all back into place.

  5.   I know that to many I will be a pain in the behind who would like nothing better than that together with my writing I should vanish from the face of the earth.  But to many others I will be an inspiration and a source of intellectual comfort.  

  6. If my word could easily be disproved my entry would be of no consequence.  But this sets me apart that there is none to contradict what I have placed in words.  This will hurt how with all man’s sophisticated devices and experimental arrays they will find themselves unable to disprove the simplicity which I have set forth.

  7. I should not have used logic and common sense reasoning. I should have used in-comprehensive terms and virtual compositions then the average person would have no idea as to what I were talking about. But having used reason I have come near to the great majority whom do not look upon reason as an affliction.

  8. When my first book was printed, the person that wrote the presentation for the jacket said; Quote: “If your mind is not open to new ideas and considerations, then this book is not for you.”  And he stated that my word provided sound underpinnings to conceptualizing the mechanics of nature.”   

  9. Thus with only a partial knowledge he found them to be sound in contrast to that which the world had in claim.  And this may be said because that person allowed reason to train his mind.  

  10. There is an association that as their name declares, are for the advancement of the sciences.  But they are neither the first nor alone to claim their title in deceit.  For I recall the anger in their voice as they declined to publish an article on gravitational force, one that clearly presented the evidence to the foundations of the earth.  

  11. And so I came to say unto myself, the more realistic I become the angrier they become with me.  O what folly of the children of men to reject the word to their own welfare.

  12. You therefore, so I thought within myself, may be angry with me, but I will not go away, nor will you be rid of me.  And the day is coming that you will hear and not be able to answer, you will drink and to the dregs you will be embarrassed.  

  13. For this I acclaim that I have not received knowledge in vain, but that with it the Almighty Lord had a sure purpose.  And this science by my hand of the Almighty God will in time become the foundation of all science the world over.

  14. Allow me to state this regarding the particle research you have done, and the scenario that you have placed unto it,  that it is in vain, it is child's-play.  

  15. For again what is it to state quote: “The electric charge of a particle depends on its flavor, weak forces are flavor exchange forces.”  My reply is, that you have yet to comprehend the nature of force.   

  16. And quote: “Seventy years after Einstein first work on relativity we have no reason to doubt it.”  My reply is, seventy years and you have yet to find first base?   

  17. With your particle generators you may have acquired a few new combinations, be they new or mutations, but you are much too sure of yourselves regarding the atom.  You may insist upon the atom as a planetary system,  but this much is sure that what is planetary in the atom is not quite like what it is around the sun.

  18. You have many silly notions, thinking to be wise when you are indeed ignorant.  On Antarctica you are installing some device to find neutrino's as you call them, and some sort of telescope to find the origin of the universe.  

  19. But you are wasting your time and your money, for you will never find any neutrino's since they do not exist, nor will you discover how the universe began, nor even become a grain wiser in any ways to it.  You as yet have no conception of what the atom is made of, or how it works, and you will look for none existent things?

  20. But what is worse than anything, how you dare call electricity a flow of electrons, that you are such low down creatures to pronounce that vicious lie. This I say because the whole of the world and every thing as well pronounces that to be a lie, you ought certainly to have known better.

  21. Then you speak of black holes where even light cannot escape from its magnetic draw. O how foolish, if you had any inclination as to the nature of light you would not speak so foolishly, since for one thing light has no dependence on any magnetic strain. You are brainwashed by that ignorant one you call Einstein, and his ignorance in just about anything.   

  22. And if you ever watched a hurricane how there is an open eye in the middle with no clouds or wind or rain,  consider how perhaps that black hole may just be  the eye of a storm. But then it is more interesting to fantasize things is it not?

  23.    And yes perhaps I do know more than I am willing to admit.  And where you hint at the nature of the interactions of fundamental particles together with your scheme thereof – you are quite in the wrong.   

  24. But as to how that is – is something you have forfeited to yourselves. I am not one to withhold wisdom from the wise, but when my plain speech is ridiculed, and the evidence not understood, how will these comprehend what is still greater to it?  And so I best leave this to inhibitions.

               In the beginning

  1.    Let us now speak of “ in the beginning.” In the beginning the Almighty God and Father created the heavens and the earth, and all its creatures.   And indeed it was so, but the same does not mean that therefore everything stood already.  For while the future has yet for us to come to pass, together with all those that are yet to be born, it already existed before the Lord. 

  2. For the past, the present, and the future are all one within Him, for He is our life and our being, and much more.  As then the beginning of man is in his day, it was also what to him is or was many millions of years ago.

  3. When Moses spoke of the seven days of creation, to whom and for whom do you think he spoke?  And again I might ask; in what context did he place it?   Did he write for the wise, or for the foolish, or if not by reference for both?  Who then is to comprehend its elementary, and who the greater word, the mystery thereof?  

  4. When the Lord said that He created the heavens and earth in six days, He was revealing to us that there would be six days of labor for man, for on the seventh He would appear to grant us rest.

  5. He spoke for the fourth day (that is between 3000 and 4000 BC) the lights to rule in the heavens, both the greater and the lesser, and yet their light illuminated the earth even before the first day already.  Did he than speak of what we call the sun and the moon?  

  6. The answer depends on your point of view, as in what context you are reading, for it is as it is stated, and then again there is a greater understanding that to all but the wise is a mystery. The sun rose upon the dinosaurs many millions of years ago, and yet also on the fourth day.

  7. The angel in the book of Jubilees teaches Moses that God made seven great works on the first day, having made His great creation and all the spirits thereof, those of heaven as well as those of the earth as it reads; 

  8. "For on the first day He created the heavens which are above, and the earth, and the waters, and all of the spirits which minister before Him. 

  9. And all the spirits of His creatures which are in heaven, and on earth, as well as the abyss and darkness, both evening and night, and light, both dawn and daylight, which He prepared in the knowledge of His heart, so it reads.  

  10. And so; if then all things were made on a first day, how is it spoken of six, and/or of seven?

  11. Note the word “spirits” and correlate how in Genesis it states;  “and man became a living being.”  And then again, when was it that man became a living being? For so Moses states; “In the day that the Lord God made the heavens and the earth.” And so here he does not speak of the creation as in seven but as in one.  

  12.   And when was Adam made out of the clay, and Eve still later on taken out of the man?  In a time after the first seven, as in the second week - so we might acclaim?  And that the man was first, while his wife was not created until a week afterwards?  

  13. So then I say to you that the woman is yet to be brought unto her man, that she is to be become her man's after the week of creation, after the seven millenniums, all because she was not brought unto her man but in a second week.

  14. And how do you correlate this that you are not to as yet have your wives, while they are already with you?  Why are we as yet to wait before receiving a mate?.  Yet when we read clearly it states that God created man “as male and female, as in together “ He created them”, which again reading clearly - was on the sixth day.  

  15. Are we then to conclude that the man was created after the day of his creation on the sixth day, and the woman created on as to say – the eight day?  Or, how or why do we have a wife now with the recording that our mate was introduced to us on the eight day, which by our accounting is yet more than a millennium from now?

  16. Or shall it be so that no man existed for the first 5 millenniums, since Moses claimed that he was made on the sixth day, in which we currently are? If so, how do you account for Adam, or the Roman empire?

  17. Then again it reads: “These are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created.” The term “generations” then is not what one conveys as singular, but rather as in plural.

  18.    Need I confuse you more, or am I getting this message across to you, that there is a manifold mystery here, which is not for everyone’s digestion?  And additionally, that the Lord elected to tell us only that which pertains “to us in the day - that may be said as the day of man, and in a manner as He saw fit for the one as well as for the other.  

  19. Just as I here and now elect to reveal only such words as I have spoken, to grant to you a greater understanding and yet not the full of the mystery, nor even the half thereof. 

  20. How immature to assume that the earth  exists for only six thousand years, and how immature to set a fixed number of millions of years.  On the one hand if one day is as a thousand years some may conclude the earth to be thirteen thousand years old, the seven in its creation and the six since Adam.  

  21. But how can that be possible, since the seventh day of creation has yet to start?    And since we are currently in the sixth day how will one count that sixth day before Adam?

  22.   Confusing - is it not?  And if I were to tell you that the earth was from ever, from ever since its beginning, how will you put that into numbers?    God is from ever, without beginning, and thus He waited forever before creating the earth?  

  23. But how are you to reconcile that in your mind - since forever has no end - and thus the earth cannot possibly as yet exist.     For to recap on this, the waiting forever before the start - will never bring forth the start.   And yet we are here and so is the earth.

  24. The Lord said; "I am the beginning and the end." But how in your mind is that understood when factually He is without beginning and without end?

  25. I had a beginning, I do not know how many millions or billions of years back into time that may have been, but I cannot recollect any of it except for the last sixty years.   And yet I was seen by another man millenniums ago when in my body I did not as yet exist.   

  26. How then can I be - and yet not be - as one would contemplate upon beginning and no beginning, or being and no being?

  27. This now is absolute - that God is and was from ever, while the earth as such had a beginning.   But then let me ask - what is in a beginning, or - a beginning - comparable to what is from ever - and into forever?   

  28. Conclusively your vessel is not able to comprehend what is of - and into forever - to rationalize that anyone or anything can be without a beginning.   But then I may ask - why must there be a beginning?    

  29. Must it be since we are too immature to conceive anything without a first day?  For that is indeed immature.   Or that we lack the wisdom to that sort of realization? 

  30. I once said that - as to the universe man only knows what is in his very back yard - the rest is speculation with most of it gravely in error.   But who is to convince man?   Show me where there is an end or a beginning within a circle.   It is a riddle one is not likely to solve in his own cunning in what is but of flesh.

  31. I speak in riddles, turning around the point, not getting to what one wishes to hear.   But then I am not hearing from man what I wish to hear.    For as long as you see life in atoms and molecules you will not come to maturity, instead you will come to shame.   

  32. Something you will realize the moment that you die when you are divested from your atoms and molecules, and your mind is with you realizing how wrong indeed you were.

  33. There is something I have against you, namely; the very mentioning of the word 'evolution'.  It is with you that claim yourselves to be scientist, and narrators of the sciences that I am angry.   

  34. And so hear this you foolish children, know that I will surely reward you for your pronunciation of that word.   In sevenfold I will reward you for the blasphemy that has proceeded from your lips.

  35. It is not wise of you to anger the children of the Almighty Lord, since He is the strength of their hand, and you will come to be very ashamed of yourselves, as fools and as babes not as yet weaned from the breast, and yet boasted as if they knew it all.  You thought yourself wise, but you will discover yourselves to be fools, like those that are without understanding.

  36. Behold I have spoken, and not I have spoken, but He who said that "He would make the wise as fools and the learned as the unlearned".   

  37. You would not hear me, and rejected me, and for this you will pay a dear price, because you acclaimed eyesight when you had no eyes to see, and boasted in it.   

  38. "Let not your heart be troubled", so it is written, "for they will be given into your hand to do unto them just as you please".   And it shall please me to cause you to pay for your indiscretion. 

  39. I could have made the movie of the century, but you did not even have the courtesy to reply. Now it is good that you did not reply for had it been made, you would have learned understanding, and perhaps become wise, and how then would you be cast down and be made a disgrace for all your wicked words and your abominable inventions?

  40. The dinosaurs roamed the earth for millenniums, and many other creatures there were upon the earth, by which I mean animal life, and not man. Yet the Lord did not inform us thereof in his scriptures, or did He?   

  41. On the contrary, He did reveal it to the wise in wisdom millenniums ago, and more vividly in these last decades, in the ending of the sixth day of creation, in which we currently are - to the unwise as well as the wise.  

  42. And now what will you say, that He should have informed us better?  And why?    Do the dinosaurs pertain to man in his day? 

  43. If this is your attitude you might also complain as to why He does not inform us as to what He has created on the billions of other planets, be it only spiritual life, or animal life along with it.  Or, to let us know that the earth revolved around the sun long before man came to till the earth?  

  44. Or that the earth was round rather than flat, and that there were eight more planets in this solar system?  Or, the life on Mars that you are not about to find, if for no better reason than your accursed pride and ignorance in what life is in the first place.

  45.    But what are you belly aching about?  In the first place it is only for you to know what is under your feet, and what the morning and the evening will bring to you.  Yet in his great mercy He revealed to you much more, like a general understanding of the DNA that no doubt you will use unwisely, and also the record of the dinosaurs to which you fantasize a few things.  

  46. He indeed granted you a mind and the eye therewith to search out his works did He not?  Or shall I say along with Solomon “that such is only for kings to discover?” What is it with you, do you want everything on a silver platter?  

  47. And if so where would be the intrigue, or something for you to be occupied with?   Do you desire to be like unto a machine, or not rather as one with a will to be free?   

  48. But regarding your freedom which you cherish so much, this you will corrupt to the end that you will not ever again be free.  For having been endowed by the Creator of all I am not unaware of what is to come before it takes place.

  49.  Grant Him your Maker his due, acknowledge Him for what He is, and know yourself for what you are.  Then if it be in His will He may open for you the mysteries of creation, and of the years.  But you do not honor Him, nor do you acknowledge Him, and how then shall you come to comprehend all such mysteries?  

  50. You are making a grave error in paying heed to this Darwin, this son of destruction, for only such as are devoid of knowledge will pay heed to such stupidity.   

  51. I now shame you, and I speak of mysteries to furnish knowledge.  I indeed point to a door, but fail to open it.  And why then do I speak and yet fail to open?

  52. If one says unto you; “by the seat of my pants,” will you call it contradictory that there is no seat upon a pants? It is an expression, yes, and there is such a thing as metaphors, or as the Lord said; “it is given you to understand, but not these for their heart is not right within them". Thus I am stating that not everything is for everyone, for again not everyone is to the same end. 

  53. The US Bill of Rights may state that everyone is created equal, and indeed it holds a truth, but the Almighty Lord did not say so.  Or why should not every one of us be president, or be rich, or be poor?   If I am an equal, then why do my equals persecute me?  And if I have rights why then are my rights laughed at and trampled under foot?  

  54. Look at the stars above, and the earth beneath your feet, are they not as one might say alive, ever changing  and moving as in renewal?   Will you then come to the conclusion that the creation is still going on, still being done?  

  55. Beneath our feet the continents are moving, and upon the face of the earth restructuring is taking place, even as more and more human beings are being formed, and again dissolved with their spirits laid to rest.  And above us new stars are being born, while others as it appears to us are being dissolved like as in renewal.

  56. And much more renewal is yet to take place in the heavens as well as upon this earth.   For as certain things may dissolve in the heavens so this earth will one day dissolve that it may bear forth a whole new earth, a blessed earth that will not be in the ownership of men which know not how to govern.   

  57. And so I spoke at one time how the one became two in the renewal thereof, but that word is indeed but for the few.

  58. "Renewal": it is a word that is evident upon all the earth in all things, in man and beast, in plants and fishes, as well as in the birds of the air and in what is beneath the face thereof.  

  59. It is so today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow.   For when the Almighty Lord, the One and only One that is from ever thought to create this great expanse part of which we now behold, it stood before Him from beginning to its very end.  

  60. While then it stood and my entry was fashioned and my days were numbered, before all this in the manner known to us as time - the dinosaurs had yet to come.  So thus I am even older than the dinosaurs.

  61. What therefore is time and creation in its making and in the renewal upon it - that you are so confused in heart and mind?


  1.    And so let us start again from “In the beginning and of millions of years ago”. Suppose you were an outsider to this world, and from a distance you beheld the earth as it turned.  Let the earth be to you like unto a single gear in a large machinery, and you are watching the machine making eight revolutions per minute. 

  2. If then for you one month passes, it would be near to a millennium of years for those upon the earth.  What time therefore is unto you and to the Lord of all creation is not the same. 

  3. For neither are you like unto Him, nor He like unto you.  To be made in the image of Him is for us to have knowledge, to know right from wrong.  It does not pertain to the likeness of His person nor could it.

  4. Was it not said, “That unto the Lord a thousand years is like unto a single day”? And was it not said; "The day of today is like unto the Lord as yesterday when it is passed."  

  5. In what context then was this, and for whom was it spoken - in what reference?  Is it really so or might a billion centuries also be as one day?  Are the words for such as we know not - or not rather for the day of man?  

  6. The Lord did not say that He was going to bring man out of the dust in a single day, the period of a billion years, but rather in seven did He create what was firmly established on the first day, long before the seven were to start. 

  7. For again it is written;  “ And Adam died 930 years old, just seventy years short of one day.  Which was so since God had said, “ In the day that you become wise you shall die."  Or have I got that wrong, that it should be in the day that you eat thereof you shall surely die?”   

  8. As then a thousand years or all eternities may be for a day unto the Lord, it is likewise for the sons of God.  For again it is spoken of the eight day as of a single day in which they shall live. 

  9. And so what is a week of days, seven millenniums?  Does it not also state somewhere regarding these millenniums; “and it stood unto Him as something small”?  And indeed what are a mere seven millenniums to the grandeur of eternity?  Or a hundred million or a trillion years in a factor of time to which there is no end?    

  10. Look into the night-sky at that enormous expanse, and shall you then limit Him for greatness?   Six billion humans to care for all at once, which in their total are less than a handful, in all their number they are no more than the dust upon the scale. Incomparable therefore - so is His greatness, and so we should reckon Him for time and any other factor.

  11. I know what you would wish me to say, but I will state what I wills to state. And yes I conjecture that there may be billions of globes on which there is what we know as animal life. This planet shows its record - and we were not told (so it seems to you).  But then we are not told of much everything else that is beyond our circle in the sky.  

  12. One of the Angels of the Lord said it well as he said; “Those, which are upon the earth, may only comprehend what is upon the earth.  And those which are in heaven that which is in heaven”. Allow me than to reiterate once to you, that I said, “I conjecture” regarding other animal life, for I have no sighting nor revelation thereunto.

  13. And then again, for all that we know here and to the vast regions of the universe to know that there is hydrogen in these distant stars - is to know no more than what is but a wavelength from us.  

  14. And as to the next question that you have for me, I have no revelation nor evidence that God has or has not created a race of men on any other planet, or in any other galaxy.  

  15. But then I do not wish to conjecture that He has since I do not know.   And regarding the spirits, I have not with the naked eye seen that the whole of God’s creation is filled with spiritual creatures in their many forms.  

  16. Nor that their number for multitude is literally out of number.  Yet this I say, that I do not only as you would say believe, but I know this to be so.

  17.   A little more than 4000 years ago, in the year 1656, the last of the giants that had come upon the earth had been destroyed each one by the hand of the other.  For these were neither human, nor spiritual, but of both. 

  18. These children were the product of a wicked act, and they in their spiritual form are still with us to this day, neither eating nor drinking, nor finding obstacles.  Ghosts as some may call them, or demons as they are more properly known. 

  19. But then the so called civilized twentieth century man does not believe in demons even though he is taken in by them, and some clearly possessed by them.  And as to their origin being giants we as scientists can hardly believe such legends.  But seeing how this is clearly in the record, you are quite foolish to thus close your mind to understanding. 

  20.    For now I tell you that your atomic bomb never existed, nor did your records of science, and that the same is no more than a legend, a fairy tale.  If then you get my drift, how in four thousand years from now when none of these things exist anymore, how will they of that age believe upon your record, seeing how you do not believe upon the record of those before you? 

  21. The fact that there is life after death is something you cannot believe because so you say; “You are a scientist”.  But with that attitude you are making fools of your colleagues as well.  A more correct statement would be to say that there is no such thing as death, as you conceive death, but life only, how then do you speak of death when even life is not known to you?

  22. If anyone from among the race of man should know better – it is you the scientist, since you in dissecting the whole body, you certainly should know that the life is not of the physical body.   

  23. And so I must call you a very poor scientist.  From among the scientist’s I have a greater knowledge in fundamentals than any, and because of it I know better.  Being a true scientist therefore I have no choice but to believe.

  24. You are of course being hypocritical, for you do believe upon some of the most illogical none existent things, yet you refuse to believe what is evidently staring you in the face. What conclusion therefore should I draw - that being a scientist is being devoid of knowledge?  

  25. I should however not apply this to all, but to such as accuse themselves thereof.  For it always like as the proverb states, “The first thing that a fool will do is to acclaim himself a fool.” And not I am offending you, but in one’s word not of a truth one is offended in himself.  Or shall I say humbled in himself?

  26. I hear rulers and scientist alike speak of what they should accomplish for the future. Like their legacy, or the earth that they should leave for their children and grandchildren to go into the next millennium, or the next million years.   

  27. But what makes you think that you will even have grandchildren into those years?  Or that the earth will last for more than a millennium?   It certainly would not last with this generation that has come to the ending of the sixth day. 

  28. If the earth will not be rid of its liars, and of its thieves and murderers, then the meek shall certainly not inherit it to last through the next millennium.  The meek will however inherit it, and the wicked will be slain, for the seventh day of creation is near at hand, the day that was, that is, and that is to come. 

  29. If then you wish to do something good for the earth and your children, then correct your ways and the speech of your lips.  

  30. And if you are concerned about a specie of animal to become extinct, all good and well, but it is of minor consequence since these can be brought back at any time.  You therefore should train your mind to wisdom to know that nothing is ever extinct, not here nor elsewhere.  

  31. And if you claim yourself wise yet you are all wound up in the over population of the earth – you shall not be wise.  And if you take to the murder of the unborn infants as a remedy – you will yourself be slain, blood for blood, and life for life, and in due time these unborn infants will accuse you to your faces.  

  32. For it is as I said,  that life is not in the flesh, and that you are not about to rob me of children. I will have your hide long before you shall take a single conception from me.

  33. You take great concern for what rulers should do or not do, and what direction society should take to make for the perfect solution.  You then may talk all that you wish, but the rule is not yours, nor will society be rigged according to your terms.  

  34. In the day that the rule is given into my hand I will not govern men according to your inclinations.  You had your time for six thousand of years, and you made a shambles of it.  Now it will be taken from you.   

  35. And let neither the rulers nor the scientist complain too loudly, for I do not regard the strong, nor rulers, but to slay them with a rod of iron.

  36. Behold, so the lawgiver of old stated,  “He will arrive with tens of millions of his holy ones in order to execute judgment on all, He will destroy the wicked ones, and censure all flesh on account of the wickedness, which they have done against Him”. 

  37. This is something you should pay attention to before anything else, unless of course you desire your back to be scarred.  You and your stupid evolution “that” is indeed a serious crime against Him who created you in spirit so many millions of years ago, and this day grants you the air into your lungs.

  38. I may have indulged in speculation and on occasion made assumptions, but I did not fail in stating them as such.  And even such things as I claimed to be I came to question again.  This was in order to show ourselves not to be so sure of that which does not show itself absolute.  

  39. Then of course there are also those things that are not left to question, which in themselves cannot be disproved. And accordingly in these many words that I have spoken the entire array may be found.

  40.    If then you consider the marvel of all that exists, how for example sight and sound are not in any way a property of this nature.  But rather of a far greater nature above and beyond all that is physical, how can you demean it by driving it into the dust where - as you should very well know, it has no place nor being? 

  41. Consider the marvel of taste, and of smell, which I wrote about, and do you now really think, that such marvelous innovations shall fall together by itself?  Is it not the spiritual domain by which the physical things become real unto us?   

  42. For how do you think to even be thinking, to have the ability to meditate?  It is neither in the brain, nor in any of the cells thereof.  You my dear fellow are a spirit living in a shell, a very marvelously constructed shell.  So marvelous in fact that it appears “as if it were the very life and being.

  43. But you should not make the same mistake which Einstein made, namely to interpret appearances into reality.   But you should be the wiser and sort out reality from appearances.   

  44. Your friend Einstein is due for great shame, and he will weep and gnash his teeth in regret for his folly.  He will come to vomit of his folly if only he could vomit it out and be rid of it.  

  45. For quite indeed this friend of yours is not gone. His body may have been laid to rest, and be turned into dust, but he is quite aware of himself in his chamber in the abyss along with countless many others. For this is a certain truth as Sirach stated, “After a man dies he becomes aware as to how he has lived.”

  46. This therefore is what I wished to make clear to you, not to call it nonsense when you are unable to comprehend the mystery. Every word of the scriptures is like gold, or like silver purified sevenfold.  

  47. And while many a thing may seem in-comprehensive to you – remember that to the wise it is perfect knowledge. If then the perfect knowledge becomes perfect to you – you likewise shall be called wise. 

  48.    Many of my words may appear strange or like a riddle, but then I intended it that way so as to withhold that which I deemed to withhold.  Did I not in some of my chapters take you along so as together to try-out every avenue of approach in an effort to come to a solution? 

  49.  It was to your advantage, nor do I know everything, as in fact the whole sum of my knowledge is less than a grain of sand. And the sum of all our knowledge is but a grain of sand.

  50.    If then you will pay heed to accept the wisdom that I place before you, the same will be for a blessing unto you.  And why should I not desire blessings upon you, and all the good things, joy and prosperity?  For you are to abide with us forever, and who among us desires to endlessly shed tears?  

  51. If I have been an offense it is because you have cut yourself upon the rock.  Still my desire for you regardless of your ignorance is that you might have life and rejoicing, for I indeed am compassionate.  Turn therefore from your foolish ways so that I might answer you in peace, and deal with you in mercy.


  1. The Lord gave Solomon great wisdom, and the Lord has given me great wisdom.  As then I behold the wisdom given me as awesome in comparison to the wisdom of the sons of man, how great was the wisdom given to Solomon, since as it is recorded, he received more wisdom than any man. 

  2. And while it is spoken of the wisdom unto me that it would be sevenfold, how much more Solomon must have received to have been, and being the wisest of all?

  3. Solomon now in all reality is my brother, and David like a father to me. But then again who is to understand that wisdom proceeding from me?  How very much therefore I am lost in a world where no wisdom resides, and yet I must pass through it.

  4. And O how very much I longed for the end thereof to arrive, it is indeed so for more years than I care to remember. I have been away from home for far too long, from my home which I have with my Lord.

  5. As now the men of science may look with envy upon me, and/or may be awed at the store of knowledge that has proceeded from me, I never at any time beheld myself as such. 

  6. In my every day life I simply did not think of it, but considered myself like everyone else.  That there was something awesome with me only surfaced when I looked upon man and his fantasies, when I beheld the deep ignorance in which these abided.

  7. It was by that alone that I came to speak of awesome, and then only in my writings, since I do not consider myself as wise, nor did I ever boast of it, since that in itself is an abomination to me. Yet I boasted in my Lord and in my God, to shame the so called wise in the earth.

  8. None of the persons that I ever encountered had any idea of the gift in me, nor did I show it them.  And while because of my first book some became aware of it, it were but few, nor did these have an inkling as to the extend of it, nor did I speak of it, nor revealed it to them.  

  9. For other than the articles which I mailed to the scientific journals how was I to reveal the gift that was imparted unto me?  But like the nature of man is slow to chance, and for his pride to accept only what he in himself may imagine, so these would not reply, or reply to me in anger.

  10. This was except for a few, and one lady that did see the forest for the trees, but was unable to publish my word lest she herself be put out of business.  

  11. Most however, even for all the many that through the years have have read the pages of my website, none would reply, nor have an answer, the Lord having closed their minds and hearts.

  12. And yes I am content to be the simple man, and not boast in anything, other than that I know the Lord Almighty, and that I understand Him, since again it was He alone who taught me all that I know.

  13. I am not one to hide myself, for as is evident of all my writings - I fully laid myself open to all the world, even to the very inmost of me. 

  14. And while some may be bothered because I portrayed myself as a ruler, I have done so because that is what God has made of me, and caused me to show, nor do I have the strength to counteract Him.

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