A sad state of affairs

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  1. It has come to my attention that we do not have a formula by which to calculate gravitational force other than its acceleration in free fall.   And I do not know if I shall write such a formula.

  2. It may be that man has already the information, which I seek, but man is not very helpful to me and for me to go after it also consumes time, which I do not have.

  3. My days left unto me are not many, and my writing will survive me to become the foundations upon which the fundamentals of science will be taught.  

  4. But as I look upon man and his explanations for the fundamentals of science, I am appalled and truly sad that man is so illogical, it is sad and inconceivable, beyond my conception how man can dream up such stupid things.

  5. I realize of course that it not for man to know the nature of gravity, but they did not remain with reality, nor did they consider reality, nor reasoning to consider what was before them.  Nor did they have the integrity to say, “we do not know” instead they dreamed up fantasies. 

  6.   And so they are no different than the people that worshipped stone, as if the stone is more than they are.  Or the ignorance of those who worship cows and monkey’s, fools that they are, for is man not more than the animals?  

  7. Man was given reason and speech, animals do not have speech, nor were they gifted with reason, how then do they lower themselves to be less than animals and less than stones?  

  8. I do not consider it as said of me - that unto me would be given sevenfold knowledge and wisdom to possess the same.  But rather that man is sevenfold ignorant next to the simple knowledge given me.

  9.   It now is written; “New wine must be put into new wineskins, for if put into the old skins, these old skins will break and the wine will be lost."   

  10. And so my knowledge, my treasure unto the world cannot pass into those that are already educated in the sciences, for they treasure their own imaginations, the illogic of their own thinking.  

  11. They lack evidence, but that does not concern them.  Nor does their one thing connect upon the other in many of their cherished items, but these are not aware of their own fallacies. 

  12.   If now the blind cannot find the road, or know that they are upon it, they can neither behold the vehicle that is about to run them over.  And running over them it will.  For God has said that He will make fools of the wise of the earth.  

  13. And so indeed fools they will be, and they will be ashamed of their ignorance and of their vain imagination and that by the knowledge of God.

  14.   And so why am I so sad, and do I feel so alone with none to have an intellectual conversation, when I know so well that it must be so, and that even that will come to my glory?  

  15. I however do not feel for glory, nor is it in my heart to attain to glory, but rather to behold a gift into men, to see them elevated and blessed with a greater gift.  For as for me I feel embarrassed and their word unjustified when they praise me.

  16.   One said to me after having robbed me, that my reward will be in heaven.  And yes I will be rewarded in heaven, nor do I need man’s blessing thereto.  

  17. But the reply made me sad, for my thought was not in having a reward in heaven, but rather how dearly this man will come to pay for his wicked deed in the pangs of hell. 

  18.   And so what good is it O man that I shall have a reward in heaven when you shall cry out in pain in the enclosure of hell?  My concern was for you.  That which I am to receive I have already, and no one can add or take away from that, nor even I. But you are in sad shape, and my compassion goes out towards you that you may find the good thing.  

  19. And why then do you do harm to yourself, why are you so stubborn, and unbelieving?  Why do you cut and maim yourself for no good reason?

  20. It is sad and painful to me to behold you are doing such damage to yourself.  For my concern is not for myself, but for you.  I will die yes; I will give my life for you.  I will shed my blood for your benefit, for so it has been given me of the Most High Lord.  But how are you to understand these mysteries when you cannot comprehend simple human justice?

  21. Many great mysteries have been revealed to me, but with whom shall I converse?  The knowledge given me is indeed sevenfold greater than one can possibly imagine, but where is man to hear them?  

  22. I cannot converse with them in the simple things; my writings for the benefit of the world are as were they written for a race other than man.  

  23. Accordingly, for the time such as it is I shall be alone and desolate until I depart from this world.  Then being at home, I shall meet with many and with them I shall be able to speak and converse teaching one another, and coming to know all of the mysteries, even such as are yet hidden from me.

  24. Why then should I not look forward to that day to sit among friends great and small each one endowed with knowledge and understanding to speak of things of which man here on earth has no understanding, nor ever did such enter into their minds.  And my eye will behold the glory of Israel, and my heart will go out unto her. 

  25. And for the glory of Israel I will bend the knee of every man.  And so you see, I do know what is in the future, in what is to come, and how it will be.  For such things and much more were taught unto me in the Spirit of Wisdom that God the Maker of all things granted me.

  26.  And so I count myself blessed  that He found it in His grace and compassion to endow me with such Spirit, and to grant me such knowledge and wisdom, and to appoint me a place in His kingdom among the kings of His household.  

  27. For while it shall be the scraps fallen from the table that shall be given me, I shall nonetheless come to the surprise of many, and perform a grandiose act before the face of all peoples.

  28. And now looking ahead into the years to come, and at that which I am about to place on paper in the chapters herein following, I say to myself.  

  29. This is not a writing that the people shall read and readily comprehend.  And men will devote years and decades on coming to comprehend the things which I received of the hand of God .  But having read and understood it will be for knowledge to them.


  1. The learned of this world are angry with me at the truth that proceeds from my lips, to ridicule me as if there were a better knowledge in them.  And they boast of their fallacies, and of their irreverence for just about all that exists. 

  2. But worse than all, which pains me greatly, are their blasphemies of my Father, and my Lord, the love of my soul, to mock Him in all that He has done and made. 

  3. As therefore they mock Him so they mock me.  But for all their blasphemies, and their pains upon me, why should I allow them to be wise in their own eyes – when they have no eyes?  

  4. These so called scientists consider themselves mature - while they have no idea how even simple light disperses into its colors, nor how or why it refracts.   And why is that? It’s because the light within them is but darkness, wherefore these behold darkness as their light. And when they say; "It is not so." Count them for liars.

  5. The waters rise upon the earth, (tides) and that by gravity so these acclaim. Yet of themselves they said that gravity pulled them down, how then can gravity pull up on these waters.  How thus there is no logic nor common sense with them"  

  6. How simple light is for its forthcoming, yet to this day these have yet to figure out the twofold velocity thereof, nor even how to calculate the velocities of any wave. How therefore are these brainless wonders reproving me?  

  7. And what is this “Weight a measure of g/force," when none of your weight’s equal its g/force? Or will you acclaim a flag on the North pole? If so, I give you credit for rational thought.

  8. You have yet to learn how the earth moves through space, or by what ideal a full year comes 20 minutes short of a single orbit around the sun.  And you wish to correct me, when you are derelict of fundamentals?

  9. But what's worse about you scientists, you teachers, and you so called physicists that you have the gall to call electricity to be a flow of electrons, or even to have electrons. 

  10. If there is anything in man’s vocabulary to be deemed most dreadful, that most certainly is with all the world’s evidence proving it to be a vicious outright lie.

  11.  Any magnet is clear evidence that their theories are but vicious lies, that of electricity as well as of the atom. But how are the blind to see the light of day?  This fact is absolute that man's scientists are living in a world of fantasies.

  12. Take your electrons as only negatively charged.  That my dear fellow is the same as saying, “That these are one sided coins. None of them exist, not proton nor electron, nor any of your childish fantasies.

  13. With your so called parts turning in circles you made the atom as narrow disks, yet they are observed as balls, how then is a ball a disk? Your reasoning and correlation are therefore less than that of a unborn child.

  14. You have no idea how or what the atom is, nor how they are formed, and so you observed the solar system and copied the atom after it. And why should I teach you the light of day when you have no eyes to see?

  15. Or what of your atomic bonding, by static electric so you acclaim; when never at any time has anyone seen electric to push or to pull. Are you not therefore more blind than the ass end of an ass?

  16. Your illicit particle accelerators are but a hoax since you do not have a clue as to what the atom is, or how it operates. And you as the most ignorant of all think to correct me in the wisdom of the Almighty One?

  17. Waves, do you have any idea what they really are? No - you don't! Because you are no more than babes a yet upon the breast, that is upon the breast of serpents taking its poison to your fill.  So are your schools of learning.

  18. Know this you scientists and you physicists and all you teachers of the sciences - that the foundations of your sciences are to be dragged through the sewers.  While the things written of me by the hand of God will become the true and enduring foundation of the sciences.

  19. You have mocked me all my life, and now I am returning the favor.  For I too can be foolish, I can boast, how for example a thousand or ten million of your Einstein’s can’t even begin to stand in the shadow of the knowledge that my Father, the God of all creation, has endowed me with.  

  20. How then will you stack up seeing how you still glorify the gross ignorance of that man?

  21. You have spoken evil of your Creator, blaspheming His most Glorious and Holy Name.  Therefore is He taking away from you your freedom, together with your name and vain-glory, and hand you over into my hand body and soul to do with you as it may please me.

  22. You attempt to shut my mouth, for when I make a statement and back it up with evidence, you won't look at the evidence, you go no further than the statement which is not to your likens, and immediately you take steps to crucify me.   For my statement defied your illogic, and that in your book is a sin not to be accepted.

  23. You managed to construct atomic bombs, toys for tots, but you are yet to learn how and why the atom divides, or even what the real power is of your internal combustion engines. all because you are truly blind, and in love with fantasies.

  24. If at all you so called scientists are competent, then attempt to prove me wrong, bring some evidence if at all you are so competent. 

  25. I do not rate you as babes since you are no more than the foam of the earth living in a dream world in a world of make belief. In regards to fundamentals future generations will speak of you as the most blind, as no more than fools.

  26. I now have grown weary of this generation of men.  At first I was of a mind to contribute to the advancement of science, to lend a helping hand, but you were not of a mind to be kind nor to stride forward.

  27. Wherefore now it is determined that your foundations be destroyed, and a new foundation be set up, that in days to come knowledgeable men may come and build upon it.

  28. How glorious it would be if we came to a reckoning, to no longer be foolish, and acquire common sense, for I am weary in educating the sons of man.  Then perhaps I could rejoice in not constantly having to hear or see the utter folly of man.

  29. And for a full measure consult pages 56 and 62 in Lion of the Lord, and 72 in Foundations of the World - of my website. (leonardswebpage.info)

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