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  1. The day since man was made a living being having received the knowledge of good and bad, his eyes have beheld wonders. Wonders which he sought to understand to know the why of them.  These wonders however were made in wisdom and wisdom alone can understand what is and what was made.  

  2. And though man was made after the image of Him who is all wisdom, man is not therefore born with it.  But as darkness is driven away by the light, so education must be unto man that he may be fashioned after the image of his Creator. 

  3. Both darkness and light there be, both ignorance and wisdom, both the capable and incapable, and to be one, one must know the other.  And man shall know the other lest he should conceive to be wise in himself.  Light is not but in the offset of darkness, even though without darkness light nonetheless is, for in the absence of light is darkness found.  

  4. Truth after all is in its single being, and what is man that he should understand the wisdom that comprehends the purpose of the Almighty Creator of man?

  5.  "The foundations of the earth", "Revelations into physics", a revelation into the nature of things, is also a revelation into the minds of men.  What besets the mind of man to know fundamentals?  And what is the key to comprehending functional differences?  

  6. Is science divorced from universal law and behavior, or is she not rather governed by them?  Or shall we say, is known by them?  

  7. How shall one separate the laws of matrimony from the consultants and still consider oneself bound?  The way to science is to acknowledge from where she has come, and who's she is.


  1. For to comprehend a difference, and for to make a difference we venture through this world.   Who among us is not born naked?  Each of us therefore must learn knowledge, and though instinct is a knowledge, it is not therefore "reason".  

  2. And so let us make a difference in ignorance.  For to be ignorant of something which man acquires by education, does not make the person ignorant.  But having been educated and turning the same into a corrupt thing, that in fact is ignorance and no education.  

  3. It is a vain knowledge that makes a man stupid, and no one is stupid except such as ignore sound reasoning.

  4. The mouth of wisdom raises her voice.  Drink of my wine you thirsty ones, for it shall be right sense in you.  My words are better than gold, and more precious than all silver to be had.     

  5. Science and religion, so they said to me.  But what have I to do with science, or with religion?  I know of a truth and came to love her.  

  6. Men called her religion, while others named her science.  As for me, I thought to speak of one, but came to speak of both.  I started to speak on education and I have not left it to serve mind and soul.

  7. He that feeds a dog praises his Maker.  One who makes a schedule to serve his Savior mocks Him, but he who rejoices in a singer praises Him who made her.  

  8. Find the values of a force in its making, and he who marvels at its perfection from the Highest, honors God.  And he who dresses well - comes unto Him.

Knowledge of life

  1. There are those that claim man's beginning from the waters, to have evolved from the monsters of the deep.  And rightly so, for from the sea-serpent is their cunning, from Lucifer who was mighty and fearful so that no one dared to approach him.  It was from him that they learned deceit and turned into a corrupt thing.

  2. Still others credit themselves to have derived from the apes.  These children mind you calculate bones to have existed for longer than their term.  They take the ticks of unstable dust as something more stable than the evidence of a multitude of design truths.  They are devoid of understanding, nor is knowledge in their wind.

  3. I then say: Anyone who by beholding nature in all its perfection, and the breath of life in all creatures - that cannot see the spectacle of design, nor perceive the greatness of the wisdom to form the same, such are indeed in a most pitiful shape.

  4. Hear then my word: Is it accidental that one must sleep nights to obtain rest for his body?  Where is your answer?  Or how is it that man grows old? ---  Scientifically this is most illogical. ---  Dare to oppose Him who called you to breathe, and you will suffer at His wrath.

  5. He calls you to deposit your dung and you meekly obey. ---  He calls you to eat, and you eat although it was not so from the beginning, are then your accidents going back on themselves?

  6. There are things natural and things not so.  Then there are additives, for nature is a mechanical system, and mechanics operate without feeling and without definition of time.  Except therefore additives be placed, the machine would continue without change.

  7. As a computer operates, so things will fall into place.  Yes even the fancy of thinking artificially, to make spirits out of dust, these are the hopes of their hearts. 

  8. O you foolish persons, you cut limb from limb to find out what makes it tick, you of all people ought to know better, how then did you become so foolish?  

  9. Mark now my words, for not likely shall one portray evolution and think to outrun the vengeance, for in His anger shall all of them be consumed.

  10. You call yourselves wiser than Him who formed all things, calling precious facts, myths.  So let me see how wise you really are.  -- From where is feeling?  -- What is hotness?  -- And why is cold cold? --  Is temperature in the motion of things, or the sensation to touch in the motion of cells?  -- And do you think to have an answer?

  11. You made life in the dust did you not?  Define it then also.  -- Or tell me, what is positive, and what is negative? --  Where is your answer, and what shall it be? --  

  12. What is one? --  And how will the number two be defined for its basic constitution?  -- Why is seven before the eight? --  And why nine multiples in ten? --  And why if zero does not multiply is it the rule of mathematics more than any other?

  13. Do I ask things much too fundamental?  Or is it ridicule?  I am guilty of both.  Did I not say that dust is without feeling, and that it has no definition of time?  If then this were not so, I would not have said so.  Motion then is an entity by classification, while man is spirit.


  1. It is the 20th century.  Knowledge has increased, man conceives to have advanced upon his ancestors.  But is that really so?  Inquire of them concerning history, how it was in times past.  

  2. Ask them the difference between knowledge and wisdom, and what passes between understanding and intelligence.  Ask them of reality, for then you will find the world dark.

  3. When has it ever come to pass that men went from nation to nation to inquire if understanding that makes a man righteous had passed by them, if perhaps anyone might have seen where wisdom went?   

  4. But O my dear people, it is near to your door.  Reality will indeed face you.  And when you are cut by it, then you will know.  Rivers will run dry, then you will thirst for water, and the sea will retreat - then you will indeed be astonished.

  5. There is a difference between intelligence and intelligence that I wish to clarify to you.  There is an intelligence not bound to reality serving no food for digestion.  And there is an intelligence of reality, understanding which serves food for digestion.  

  6. How thus will you rate an IQ?  By a degree of how well one can unscramble words, or find mathematical solutions?  Or by a degree of how well one comprehends the facts of life, to understand truth and reality?  

  7. By word conversions that only they are good at which practice such silly games, or by what is realistic in life that relates to one's good or bad?

  8. A Karleen Sheppard of Minnesota asked of one held most intelligent; "All my life I've believed that if men refused to fight, there would be no wars.  All my life I've been told, it is not that simple.  Why not?  (PM).  

  9. It was answered her; That if every man and women refused to fight there would be no war, but that the price would be too high for such a peace, since then any madman could kill us."

  10. Now I ask you: Is it intelligence to play with lies and contradictions?  For if all men and women refused to fight, whom or from where would be the madmen?  And it was also stated to her that the presence of war might be preferable to the absence of dignity. Such answers now are not intelligence. The truth is far different.  

  11. If men had the inclination to refuse to fight, they would also have the inclination to refuse to bring forth the cause that promotes war.  Wherefore, they did not tell you the truth Mrs. Sheppard when they said; it's not that simple.  For it is simple.

  12. But how I ask you is it that you do not know how and why destruction comes upon man?  It is for lies, for stealing, for adultery, for murder, for pride and slandering, and more such.  For these war exists, and there will be more.  It is that simple.  But whether or not a man refuses to fight is totally irrelevant.  

  13. Thus I speak to you Mrs. Sheppard' For as much as man will not leave off to commit adultery, speak lies, commit murder, and cheat friends, for that reason war is not avoided, but created.  War is the sword of the law against all that reject my word.

  14. And now to you Marilyn, my Marilyn.  You, who are near to me, you choose the multitude of smaller stones rather than that single finest of jewels.  

  15. How very bad your choice is, for had you selected that one fine jewel, yes indeed, if only you had chosen that one fine jewel, all others would have been added unto you, and you would have all.   

  16. Did I not strike you to wound you my Marilyn?  But you were not wounded, nor did you require healing.  I dealt cruel with you to determine your love.  Will you now continue to be offended?  Be sensible my Marilyn before I deal with you in wrath.

 Honor belongs

  1. The Lord created doctors to provide for the ills of man.  And He taught herbs and drugs so men might ward off the evils to himself.  By natural process - thus is the will of God, and not to tempt Him, nor by the super natural.  The wisdom of medicine and the skill of them that practice it is of God, and He blessed them in their field.

  2. The honor of medicine thus belongs to God, and so it is with every other field.  The wisdom and skill to built fast airplanes, to build a home, to keep a garden, to decorate, and to illustrate with skillful hands, to eat and drink at pleasure all these are of the Lord.

  3. Solomon said.  "It is Gods honor to hide a thing and the king's honor to find them out".  Words spoken in wisdom, for he did not say for men to find out but for "kings" to find out.  

  4. Man was not created to perform painstaking rituals, nor that he should deprive himself of the good.  A forced humility is a cursed humility, a gift not in love, is no gift.

  5. Give now honor where honor is due, and beware of what you speak, and how you speak.  If astronomers and scientists follow upon wisely approved paths heading that gift of reason and logical sense, they will gain understanding in the things around them, yes even in fundamentals.  

  6. And many have made plausible advances.  It is marvelous to discover the works so perfect.  And many are honored with such discoveries; the honor is theirs God given.  And what God gives, no man can take away.

Ending words

  1. Had man been wiser than Einstein, he would not be so foolish now.  For man has not failed in a small way to pay heed to what is not of reason.  Nor does man have an excuse;  him knowing it was beyond reason.  And now I have written this book, nor will I be silent of the knowledge, or what meaning it has for man.  

  2. All things exist for the glory of God; nothing nor anyone can take from that.  Whatever He places under cover, no one can discover.  And when He opens, no one closes.

  3. He creates the wise and the fool together.  He builds nations and leads them to ruin.  He calls upon cruel warriors to execute vengeance, and takes away the merciful into safety.  He calls the Salmon to spawn at its place of birth even at the cost of his own life.  

  4. Out of millions of Octopus young, He calls few to live.  Even so does He with man, out of many He rescues few to live in dominion.

  5. The knowledge of man He also rules, for while He leaves multitudes in their imagination, few He teaches to teach again unto a multitude.  

  6. Einstein came to make the world wise.  I came to make it foolish.  Einstein came to bring the world its own wisdom.  I came to show how abominable that wisdom is.  

  7. By all this, man will realize that he is alike unto the beasts, and that his eyes are opened unto him of his Creator.

  8. Is it now of me to make fools out of the learned in the earth?  No, not so, since my knowledge is that which I received of the God of all creation.  

  9. Therefore is is the Lord God to make fools of everyone, even as he proclaimed by His prophets that He would do so.

  10. Men will come to say that I had a profound knowledge, but it would be better if they would say that it is in the gift unto me.  For it is the Almighty One who is profound, and I am of His making.

  11. And yes; so I acclaim to all the world; That I am born in Him.

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