By Leonard Van Zanten (July 2023)


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Man constructed the atomic bomb without knowing fundamentals, creating his vision by sight deception. He has his seasons but does not know how these come about, other than by error also in sight deception. And so it is with most of his theories, while it will enhance him to come to a truth, as it will be in the centuries to come.


Key words

Atomic, Nuclear, Motion.



The restructuring of elements is paired with increased movement. In decaying food the process is slow, with gasoline the increased movement is rapid, as is with gunpowder. Then there are the larger metallic compounds that are unstable in their configuration, that first of all generate a greater movement as heat in themselves by what I call RAM (Relative Angular Movement) on which the atomic power plants are based.

In the enriched state it can and is used as explosives to wit atomic and nuclear bombs. The process as these physicist have it is however paired with some fantasy since these, like Oppenheimer for example, were lacking in the understanding of fundamentals.

These play with single sided coins as if that were real, only they never once produced any of these single sided coins, proton, electrons, and neutrons as they call them. And not only that - but they have those none existent coins cling together in gross violation of all natural law, electrical for some, with others simply to obey their illicit ideals. 

For those single sided coins that they call protons to hold together they fantasized a so-called strong force, not having the foggiest idea what that is or may be. All fantasy for lack of understanding. They should have heeded King Solomon where he said, "Whatever you get, get wisdom and get insight." 

But then what am I saying to reprove these children at their game, since that wisdom and that insight can only be awarded from the hand of God. He gave it to Solomon in rich measure, and He gave me a degree of it, while man as he labors, labors in vain not granting God the honor of His handiwork.  It was after all prophesied that in the latter end, (our recent centuries); God would renew many things therein. And so He did with cars and airplanes as well as computers, and sadly also the restructuring of atomic components, some to our welfare some to our demise.

Has anyone ever seen a sheet of paper with only one side? Or that so called electron as man has ill invented to power his electric motors? Sheer fantasy. He sets up a magnetic flux between two points, then turns a guide within them to twist that magnetic flux into a frenzy of turns.  (Figure 1) Still not realizing how in effect he now has a twisted string of magnetic force, that in ignorance they came to call a flow of so-called electron particles.


Figure 1                                                                Figure 2


The reality of his experiments never as yet dawned on them fantasizing it to be a flow of none existent parts on the move, while any magnet held next to it would have destroyed their fantasy. They know very well that there is a magnetic flow around the wire (Figure 2) but for lack of logic claimed it to be a separate thing.

And I had to be the first or perhaps the only one to ever make such experiments to confirm and bring to evidence what I know so well? Shame on man, shame on those scientists. 

And so it is with the workings of the atomic and nuclear explosives as well. Oppenheimer succeeded in constructing a working atomic explosion, but he has yet to understand the fundamentals of it. My reply to them would be. Produce even one of these single sided coins, or any single sided coin, and I will give you credit. Since however in all that time you have yet to produce one, I classify you as yet babes on its mother's breast.

But I am as the Lord said; "A tender one." wherefore allow me to educate us in the reality of the atom, how these make for room and any and all types of explosions, inclusive the nuclear type.




Figure 3                                               Figure 4


By figure 3; I illustrated the atom of any element, not as any solar system, nor with particles as man has it, but as God formed it, a coordinate of movement upon what we in our understanding would classify as substance, a material something.  That coordinate of movement then is of the most fundamental criteria, a movement that is a power as well. And that particular coordinate proceeds by what we classify a figure of eight. That came to pass as the linear fundamental movement came upon that so called substance, even by specs of wrapping itself around it, a process that can only come to a figure eight of movement.

This I have said and I will not further elaborate on that secretive issue. Instead I will let the facts in nature as they show themselves serve for evidence.

All atoms of all elements are none other than coordinates of movement that we classify by the term of magnetic. All magnets consisting of that figure of eight whereby it exhibits polarity, and with and by its angular movement produces linear movement, typically from its South polarity to its North polarity.

It is by that unique formation that all atoms can and will draw (connect) to one another making for molecules in many ways labeled elements. How then within our internal combustion engine is the pressure obtained by what is called burning fuel? What really occurs the instant that the spark ignites that fuel?

Quite simple, that spark is a high velocity injected upon the components of the fuel at normal speed, that is to say their interior movement.  Consequently that high velocity instantly raises the speed and/or rotational velocity of those atoms that in turn by chain reaction conducts it to next in line. And so what happens when these magnetic entities are forced into a higher rotational velocity? 

Look at Figure 4, where the power companies with their voltage (rotational speed( on those magnetic strings as high as a several hundred thousand RPM, how by centrifugal action that magnetic string of movement expanded greatly, forcing them to hang those wires far from any conducting surface.

And so it is with all atoms, or better said, so it is with all that is magnetic. Figure 5 is drawn up as an illustration to that effect. Notice how far the coordinate movement of that atom has increased in size all because it came to be driven to a higher speed of rotation, or simply higher speed in and upon its figure of eight.


Figure 5


And that is what is happening within the cylinders of our four wheeled toys, As thus the atoms in an instant came to expand their fields demanding room, it to us appeared as pressure driving down the piston. Or when we inject a high velocity into gunpowder that by chain-reaction sends out the bullet, or came to an explosion. And when done so on the atomic level to break up the atom itself rather than just breaking up molecules, the results are that much greater.

What now is the reality of it? If the atoms of the element were not magnetic entities there is no way to have any kind of pressure in that cylinder to push down the piston.  Centrifugal force will always tend to expand, as it is with the magnetic field of all atoms.

When we boil water into steam, what is that steam if not H2O molecules driven apart from one another. And to pressurize it we in all reality are forcing these molecules back into each other against their repulsive magnetic force. That when released powers the steam locomotive, as also the train by magnetic power as are all engines, and explosives, nuclear and otherwise.

Be realistic, the carbon molecules of the gasoline combining with some oxygen atoms does restructure those molecules, but that in itself does not make for room, nor for  pressure, while it is pressure by which the pistons are forced down. Pressure then can only come about by expansion, a great deal of expansion. And no atom with ill invented electrons will accomplish any kind of expansion.

Unstable elements now may be of benefit to us like in nuclear power plants producing a high rate of movement in the way of Relevant Angular Movement that results in heat. But there are better ways to obtain the power we need for our daily use. Burning carbon fuels is a nasty way of obtaining power, while to secure it for ourselves by atomic power plants will be a thing of the past.  Much too messy and dangerous.

As then utilizing water for fuel sounds better, that still is not the best of ways. But man looked upon me as a crackpot, why then should I be inclined to help them?  If what I know so well is real, is man's guess, that for an oath I no longer will elaborate upon. (Ref:1)


It is extremely difficult to split a normal atom, most all of them being quite stable within themselves, but the larger ones too big for their bridges can and may become unstable creating RAM that comprises into what we call heat. And the more we can assemble together without melting the whole will comprise to be a source of heat.

Do we not realize how the earth is warmed by the sun? When it is 30F degrees the atoms have a certain rate of movement. When that rate doubles it will appear to us as being 60F degrees. And how does that movement double or increase or decrease?

The light of the sun so we say. Yes, but how does that light do so? How for example is a rotating wheel brought to higher revolution? And/or how does a jet engine increase in RPM? By impinging more and more high-speed atoms from a heated source at its blades so its rotational speed increases.

This is not much different in the way the sun heats the earth. The light of the sun does not find any terminal at the atom/molecules of the air which it bypasses encircling them. That is how and why the air is transparent. But the greater atoms of earth's substances when these for example have a rate of revolution at ten thousand rpm, and the light as it impinges upon these with its revolution of into the trillions is bound to increase that atomic speed of rotation, much like the atoms of air impinging upon a turbine wheel. So the earth is warmed from its surface on up. As then each single light wave is of small consequence, it makes up for the sheer volume of them.

Simple is it not, nor does that light bounce off of these greater atoms, other than when reflected from a smooth surface, but these enter into the atoms, and relevant to the coordinate of that atom will exit or remit by a different length interpreted by us for the color of.  Meanwhile it did increase the internal speed of that atom by that fraction interpreted by us for warmth. Each light wave then will be terminated the instant it makes contact.

So it is in water where these rotating segments of light are perfectly able to bypass, or rather circumvent the Oxygen atom of the water. But there are two obstacles on that Oxygen atom in water, namely the two of Hydrogen. That as we conjecture will make only for two points. And yes most of the light waves will manage to evade these two connecting point, but each segment of light that does come upon any of these two points will be terminated, helping to warm the water. 

Therefore there is a limit as to how far light will enter into water, it being some 600 feet in the oceans at which time all of the segments of light will have been terminated, the shorter ones having the greater advantage. In glass this is less since there are 4 obstacles's to each Oxygen atom. And so it is with all elements through which light may pass.

Light after all is a none material phenomena, it is pure movements, segments of angular formation imposed upon that movement I call fundamental movement, an entity in itself and being conductive, as well as directionally conductive. Light therefore does not have its own velocity, since it is driven, and that at one constant rate of velocity, that for its angular moment is obviously reduced in its forward momentum for distance in time. That is how there are always two velocities with any and all so-called waves. The constant as its unwavering velocity through any media however dense that may be. And its velocity for distance in time curtailed by the density of the media.

As then the atoms in gasoline are much too stable to be infringed upon, we count on the molecular structure for its restructuring that being paired with the high movement of all of its atoms comes to demand more room, basically by centrifugal action, all of which being magnetic. For only magnetic will expand centrifugally. The restructuring of the molecules in itself does not demand more room; it has nothing in which to count for pressure.

How does a simple incandescent light-bulb work? The electricity that we bring upon the tungsten element has a rotational speed of 117 volts, consequently the north/south polarities of that magnetic string push-pulls on the atoms of that tungsten element at that rate, causing these atoms to vibrate generating wavelengths, mostly to the tune of light.

The atom for its magnetic nature now comes to a spherical design like the stars and planets, and with its angular internal movement when it comes to spin or rotate faster it is that figure eight of movement that expands. No other phenomena in nature has that unique ability. The design ranges from oblong to spherical. Oblong for the lighter elements and at high rate of movement.

How now may atoms be broken up? First of all the unstable ones take the lead. And how are they unstable or did they become unstable? That my dear reader is a complex subject mainly due to their size in which the coordinate is complex, that for its complexity comes to be at odds with itself, and/or each other. 

For you do not really believe along with the physicists of this world that such an atom consist of individual particles, of single sided coins neutral or otherwise now do you? For how would electrons traveling around a core come to expand the atom for size and coordinate? Simply not possible.  And so it is high time for mankind to wake up to reality and quit dreaming, having his illicit fantasies about what things are made of. 

It is not without good cause that God blinded all such men, not giving them a share in knowledge nor understanding, and causing them to believe the lie, that at end they may come to stand very ashamed of themselves and suffer in dire regret. "To dishonor them", so their Creator said, making fools of them, even as they continually are making the Lord out for foolishness. What great stupidity of man to bite the hand that feeds them, wherefore so the Lord said; "They must know it by pain after death."

When you stack for example a half dozen magnetic figures of eight upon and within one another, in most metals they keep harmony with each other being directionally conductive and all. But there are exceptions, just as it is with man, "It takes all sorts to make a world." so it is often said. Mostly good, but there is also the bad. Most animals are compliant, but the ones with poison also had to be. 

 For as is the one it cannot be without the other, all because understanding as also knowledge is an integral part of life.  Or how else would the Devil have attempted to place his throne next to that of his Creator?  He imputed that evil into himself, and those born of him are not much better.

In the infinite number of things made all operating by a coordinate whereby reproduction may take place, in the range from 1 to 10 there must also be the zero, if you gather what I mean. The Hydrogen atom for example can be fused but never broken up, and that is so with most atoms, no matter how hard we try. I could also say, a healthy ones cannot be brought to its knees, but that are ill are easily coerced.

What shall I say about our atomic reaction to split the atom into parts, When a virus comes upon a stable cell with its coordinate in contrast to that of the cell, and it redirects that coordinate it is liable to brake apart or die, but more so when its foundation is unstable.  Any well-founded atom cannot be broken up. When thus I said for coordinates to ill invade other coordinates their demise is not by what we term a material cause but rather by coordinates rejecting, restructuring, or expelling one another. That is a better version than single sided coins expelling each other, to which none of man's scientist have given any explanation.

Then of course there is to crush, to forcefully drive such atoms into one another altering their coordinates. If now my reader gathers that I am implementing movement, coordinate movement by which things are broken up, or healed rather than material parts, he is on the right track. For it is after all movement seeking room that makes for all explosions and pressures.



Now my dear reader lets get real, lets get mature, and be realistic. Allow me to quote: "What forces bind atoms together?"  Answer: "Gravity is what holds the planets and stars and galaxies together. In the Atomic world, there are two fundamental forces that bind atoms together, and they are the Electromagnetic Force & Strong Force. Because every atom is made up of protons and electrons, as well as Neutrons but they have a neutral charge." Unquote.

As for gravity our own laws and calcs make that statement out for a lie. And what might "electromagnetic" be? And what is that so called "strong force"? Then for another quotation. "Electrons are a type of subatomic particle with a negative charge." unquote.   Here our question becomes:  What is "negative", and what is "charge"?

As for electromagnetic, how is a pig a swine? What is electro if not the ignorant crux man came up with for another mode of magnetic. And so when speaking are we going to say, that lion lion was sleeping, or that pig swine dug up my garden. What is the matter with us why do we repeat ourselves? There is electro that is angular, and there is magnetic that is linear. And that electro as the swine is a pig all the same. 

Are we getting the message that there is no such bird as electromagnetic, but either it is linear that goes by magnetic in the stationary type, or the angular rotating magnetic that goes by the term of electro. Nor therefore can there be any such other force, neither strong nor weak as nothing more than man's vain imagination.

What now is negative, or for that matter positive? And what is charge, or a charge?  When an electron has a charge, or carries a charge, what is that? Is it a bottle of beer, or blue cheese, or perhaps an ax or a Martian? What could a charge possibly be? Might it be its motion? For they did say that it had attraction and repulsion, and what single entity or phenomena in nature has these properties? As far as nature shows us, it are only magnets (Ref figure 6.


Figure 6                                                Figure 7                  Figure 8


By figure 6 the angular (A) when twisted over comes to produce a linear S to N. (B) and so there are always two ends to any one stick, or line of movement. By Figure 7 the positive exists because it is simultaneously with the negative even while there is but a single direction of rotation on that line from one end to the other. It thus is utterly impossible to have or be only neg, or only pos.  An arrow shot from a bow has a leading end going into a direction of, and a trailing end going away from a direction, the same direction. 

And now I repeat, Positive and/or negative, are at all times simultaneous with each other, They can never be separated since in fact they are no more than a point of view.

There are always two ends, two points, two observations to any one stick, movement, or phenomena. Nothing at all can ever be only positive, or only negative, for either one as both are simultaneous with each other. These mind you are not real but merely a point of view by observation.  Nothing material or none material in nature is ever positive nor negative other than by figure of speech.

Even a dot placed on paper has a one side and the other, as well as length, width, and depth. If then we attribute the terms of Pos and Neg to its two ends, it is no more than an ideal in observation, or point of view as it may also be said. And either side can be called by either end. And so now I have said it three times.

The rotation at either end of the conductor in Figure 7 is one and the same. Yet when we lay that wire out in a circular or u shape, the two ends now facing each other. The pattern of rotation of one will be clockwise with the other counter-clock wise. And these when touched together as in Figure 9, will short circuit. In that event these are like two grinding wheels in opposite direction of rotation from one another. This then can only be utilized by more turns of rotation physical turns and/or none physical turns in between, like unto a transmission in our automobiles. Coils, transformers etc.


Figure 9


Now does my reader understand how there cannot be any single sided coin, or sheet of paper, or a stick, or arrow with only one point? Man's physicist would like you to be believe that an arrow shot from a bow only goes places and never has a trailing end to come from anywhere. And that my dear reader I call gross ignorance, like a babe yet unborn from its mother, for the ones at the breast at least already know how to suckle. These foolish scientists then with such illicit fantasies do not as yet know how to suckle.



What is a diode, and how does it work? There is an AC (alternating) current, and a DC (direct) current, just as in any movement there is angular along with linear, and no other specific mode. A diode then is a substance whose coordinate of movement is in a single direction of rotation, and it will not budge from it like that of copper, or steel. 

A bar of metal, or even a rock may appear something very stationary but within the interior there is always movement, if not so its parts, (atoms) would not stay together, and for this particular compound used in diodes the pattern in movement within displays a fixed circular behavior.  When therefore it is to conduct an electrical potential, that in reality is a rotating magnetic potential, it will do so but only when the electrical mode is like unto that of its own. This is fundamentally the same when two magnets are faced to one another, where when the direction of movement is the same between two poles they will attract, while in opposite repel.

By figures 10 and 11, at (A) the incoming direction of rotation of that current is counter-clockwise, while that of the diode - into that direction - has a fixed counter-clockwise mode of rotation. That diode will therefore allow that current to pass. While at (B) the incoming mode of rotation being clockwise, the diode will block that current from passing.



Figure 10                                           Figure 11


The fundamentals of this is not in any parts or particles, but in movement. The current itself is none but movement, at that a coordinate of movement, a twisted string of magnetic flux utilizing the atoms of substances by which to conduct itself. And since it is a rotating entity it can only conduct itself upon and through a compliant set of atomic structure. 

As then a structure like copper whose coordinate is compliant to any mode of direction, all will pass. But in the substance of a diode it has a rigid fixed mode of rotation allowing only the likes to pass.  This being like unto any magnet, when South to North will adhere since these so positioned are of like direction, (linear direction).

And for our brilliant physicists, is it like when the negative particles move towards the diode they pass, while when they are moving away from it, how can they even come at it let alone be rejected? Do you not think that our theory of electrons on the move is in need of a revision to say the least?


Have I now made myself an enemy to man to correct them in their erroneous behavior? To have made things simple and according to facts and evidence? No doubt I have, and for that they can have this body of mine to bring it to destruction. As for me I will not stray from the truth for any cause nor reason.

Nuclear devastation thus is not in any parts, but in the movement of any one atom to the other expanding, making for greater room. That in all essence is what an explosion comes down to. And to do it by splitting atoms it is like removing the brick that supports the building.  Removing the cornerstone of a large structure; one has the fall of that structure in addition to it.

Do me a favor, or better yet do yourself a favor, forget about parts and single sided sticks or coins as man has dreamed up. Come to reality. The Almighty One is about to put all the ignorant ones to shame in the world, and why would you want to be among them, to live with shame and dire regret?

By illustration figure 12, I drew up a fair presentation of the atom, of any atom of any element. The difference between the atoms of Oxygen to those of metal and/or hydrogen lies not only in the size but primarily in the coordinate of movement be it singular or in multiples. For it is by and in the coordinate of their internal movement how and in what way they react or respond to one another.

Figure 12


Each one of a magnetic nature that came to exist by and in that one real entity I came to call "Fundamental Movement", that as such is not just movement but a power of as well.  Hard to explain yes, but not as difficult as the substance upon which it affixes itself. I came to call it finite dust, in reality however I do not know what it is, material or otherwise, God only knows. Since then God did not reveal that to me, and man by sight deception made it out as particles fashioning it after a solar system. I for simplicity, it not being any kind of solar system, and for lack of better knowledge simply termed it by the term of "Finite Dust".

It is upon that so called finite dust that the fundamental power of movement takes hold, forming itself around it that can only come to a figure of eight for direction of movement. And presto from the linear an angular has formed that in turn produces the second linear, that by us is seen and known as magnetic, the typical magnet with its figure eight of movement producing a linear flow from south to north. And that power of fundamental movement being directionally conductive it interacts with all others forming molecules, to cells and domains, and that to whole structures.

As thus with Uranium there may be a number of formations in eight interweaving within and upon that rather large quantity of finite dust, they may come at odds with one another. In their attempt to balance the whole some parts may be expelled, and/or they may emit harmful wavelengths or coordinates. And we have discovered how to speed up that process with the use of nuclear weapons as we call them, even to split them apart into smaller parts.

It then are not the particles (as man has it) that are of any concern, but rather the coordinates expelled from it that will or may interfere, or intervene with the coordinates by which our bodies are made up, to alter them. These coordinates may be fully so, or simply be wave segments that by us are best known for causing radiation sickness.

Introduce a sperm into an egg, and a whole human body will come to be formed by the code in coordinates to that end. So it is with a grain of wheat to follow its code, or a piece of wood in the ground, an apple tree that by its code in coordinates comes to produce apples on its branches. No less will a harmful coordinate come to alter other peaceful coordinates in the human body, or upon anything it may have its entrance. Metal to rust, or be stained are also examples of the same.



Marvelous is it not how the Almighty One positioned each atom with its coordinate in such order to produce whatever code He set for it.  Like unto an automated machine one coordinate to trigger the next, by which all things are grown, wheat, barley, potatoes, human bodies, animals etc. What a marvel to have the atoms of each element in just the right place for continuity, that programs roots, stem, blades, and the fruit we eat, as well as the growth of anything, like nails upon our fingers in just the right places. Inconceivable to man, but perfect harmony to the All Wise Creator of everything.


That magnetic is an eight for direction of is seen by the tides upon the earth, how there are always two equal tides on both sides of the earth. Closing the handles of a pair of scissors also closes its cutting end. If then the magnetic flux between the earth and the moon were not bendable or pliable, there would be no tides. While with the moon for its movement pulling hard on us it elongates the magnetic flux directly between it and the earth, the same then occurs on the opposite end of the eight giving rise to dual tides.

As therefore my reader by now must gather that it is all in the nature of that unique ability of angular to linear - how virtually all things are by and in movement, the spitting of the atom and our bombs to that effect inclusive. If then we add to consider how even our eyesight and hearing, as well as taste and smell along with feeling is by movements, and movements only, what more shall I add? 

I did add feeling as one of them for to touch is movement upon movement. And no less that it is in any ""change"" of movement that we feel movement. Like in our vehicles, or going in a turn, all of which are changes in movement be it linear or angular.

Our skin is made up of atoms, and what are atoms? Look at any magnet how its field extends outwards, or around an electrical conductor its field also extending around it. So it is with our skin movement extending outwards from those atoms, and to touch upon them is therefore again movement upon movement by which the imposition or code in wavelength is send to the brain that then by us being spirit is interpreted for feeling.

In general people make too much of those atomic bombs they have accumulated as if they could wipe out the earth with it. No doubt that can be done, but it will not be done, I know so for I know what the future will bring. Therefore do not concern yourself so much over the destruction and humiliation of an atomic explosion. Something more humiliating is coming on man to eradicate him from the face of the earth, with only the meek left to inheret and rebuilt it.  But who will pay heed to wisdom and insight? And so let be what will be.

Has it not been said how the Lord has a mighty one, who will cast down to the earth with violence? That in itself is more fearful than any nuclear device. I was disappointed in the movie Oppenheimer, how for one thing government officials are not really interested in getting anything done, but love to bicker over stupid little things. Like as if their system is ideal while along with others it too is bound to be eradicated.

Shall I now reprove man some more in how he has so much in the wrong, scientifically as well as otherwise? I thought to set the record straight how in the sciences it is movement that heads the list, and how or why mans illicit fantasies are but fantasies. I have done so in several ways in my other writings, and so let them be. No doubt many object to the fact - as they say - for me to mix religion with the sciences. But religion means law, and that law is foremost to all.



Now let us reason a little, figures 13 and 14 illustrate man's ideal of the atom, as thus it states that: "The electrons in one are attracted to the protons in another." these must likewise be attracted to their own core. And what keeps them at bay from their own core is their orbital movement. For man after all has his atoms fashioned after a solar system. This then is very much flawed, for if they cling from one atom to the next, they are foremost to fall upon their own core, and how can they possibly keep their attention to that next atom when they are at all times drawn to their own core orbiting at high speed just to stay aloof?   A question: How do we expect these tiny electrons to hold the atoms of steel together when that small steel coupling has to hold on to 80 or more boxcars of a train? Does that not sound absurd? Full fledged magnets with multiple coordinates of eight all over sounds more likely.



Figure 13                                            Figure 14


By Figure 14 the electrons seem to adhere more to each other than any core, but how can that be when both being negative they repel rather than attract? That yes, and the fact how these rascals are at all times orbiting each their own core, never at all coming to what is illustrated by figure 14. Then that E-M force - would anyone for once care to explain what that silly thing is, a left over (residual) one at that?

Man coins to say "electro magnetic", does that mean electrical with a magnetic hold of sort? He did specify (-M) magnetic, where then are those magnetic lines? And specifying the (E) from electric where is that rotating magnetic? That E-M man specifies does not show up anywhere. 

Foremost to all these ought to give us an explanation of how they got that E with the M. The E being an angular rotating entity, while the M being a linear, stationary entity, how do these work in one? A bullet fired from a riffle has rotation while it moves linear, but by plain common sense I would still classify them as separate, not as a single entity. And while they are staying in place orbiting a core how is that E-M?

For clarity sake our sun with its near endless magnetic reach may connect itself upon another nearby solar system whereby galaxies are formed, but none of the planets have the cloud for that. How much less for a minute electron to perform anything, even if they did exist, which they do not.

Don't you think that before one attempts to corrupt man's mind with things he ought to give a better explanation? Or do these prefer virtual things, showing something that cannot be, and complicate it in such a way so that no one can make heads or tails out of it, all because these want to make themselves look brilliant?  No doubt man has been rubbing himself with Einstein much too long, with a man more brainless than any, who never in his life got anything correct, not competent even to add a number two to a number two.

And I mind you am speaking of facts with evidence galore. And then that poor fellow in the wheelchair fashioning himself after the same fantasy. And such brainless wonders man glorifies? Shame on you, shame on man.



Let us now forget fantasy and come to reality. Figure 15 and 16 illustrate a single block of atoms as found with water when its internal movement has slowed down far enough to become frozen into what we call ice.  How and why now might it be that there are these Hydrogen atoms in between those of Oxygen?  Might it be that Oxygen-to-Oxygen one to one does not pair very well? That perhaps yes, and the fact that the water molecule is never water without a pair of Hydrogen bound to a greater most unique host known as Oxygen.

Care to explain how ice forms in circular blocks like Figure 15, like how that opening in the middle is sustained, and these hydrogen atoms make for a knot between the bigger ones? Shall it be electrical with a shade of magnetic encircling it (Ref Figure 7)? Is it of the electrons buzzing around to create a stable opening as shown? Not likely!


As then man is not competent to grant an explanation, never has and never will; God gave me a good sense of reasoning that I illustrated by figure 16. 



Figure 15                                    Figure 16 


Enlarge the drawing and one will notice how each part is held magnetically like any normal magnet with all six of the Oxygen atoms projecting an alike direction of movement to the center by which they keep themselves at bay in a circle. And so only, and I repeat, only when atoms are full fledged magnetic entities can this possibly come to reality. Is there any man competent to correct me in my reasoning and factual presentation? The Almighty One made sure that the wisdom into His sons outranks all of man's reasoning.

For in that respect I am much like everyone seems to classify me as an alien. And while I came forth upon this earth by way of the womb of a mother, just as my Lord Christ Jesus entered this world by the womb of a woman, my spirit is not of this world, even as Christ Jesus in Spirit existed long before He came into this world taking on our appearance.

Figure 17 is another demonstration of five atoms into a single molecule and how these adhere, or fasten to one another. All of them full fledged magnetic entities, just as we know it from any magnet. Only the atom as a magnet is more unique in that by its internal rate of movement it shifts or conforms its magnetic pattern, its coordinate, its systematic formation of movement. 



Figure 17


In water the molecules (H2O) for their specific rate of internal movement have their magnetic pull (attraction) well to one another shading their exterior to almost a neutral in that effect, wherefore they float among one another appearing to us as plain water. But when we slow down that rate of internal movement to some 32F degrees, the coordinate changes whereby one molecule comes to bind magnetically to the next in line. But only in such pattern as illustrated by figures 15 and 16, whereby each of these blocks also adhere to every other block, so making for even a river of ice.

Now you would like me to define just how by a mere rate, (that is "speed) of movements these rascals manage to after their magnetic direction of movement. The fact that they do is obvious from water into ice or visa versa. But how so? 

I however should decline to go into that since some or much of it to me may be mere speculation, something I am not absolutely sure of, or difficult to substantiate.  At other places in my book I did explain it to some degree, like how in air two atoms adhere well together yet remain neutral to one another, And with water the three components adhering well to one another but free to others next to them.

Much of this comes to patterns (coordinates) and direction of movement one to the other. And by one other secret that for much of it I intend to keep secret, how the eight of magnetic in its fundamental being can indeed come to turn over by degrees from a plain circle to an eight, For only when we twist a rubber band fully over into a full fledged pattern of eight, will the magnetic (The linear flow, the one that attracts and/or repels) have its full power. Any degree short of that diminishes its attraction or repulsion in the linear.

So you see how it boils down to direction of movement in and by a coordinates thereof. And we ought to have a fair idea about coordinates how that by multiples comes to a code. Like a grain of wheat that by its code, like an automated machine comes to develop roots and stem upwards with blades and new ears of grain.  The code for that whole plant is within each single grain.  And in similar fashion atomic elements singular or in molecular formation have the unique ability to alter their magnetic pattern by nothing more than the velocity of their internal movement. That part at least is a fact observed in all of nature.

But like I said I should not go into depths into this phase of it, seeing I might be speculating on things. And while at times I am guilty of it, it is not my preference nor my habit. I after all do have my limits. In this body I am very much human, however much I would like to leave it, and go home.



What does it take to split an atom?  One might also ask:  What does it take to disrupt a coordinate system of movement? The obvious answer would be - "With another coordinate." A virus is a coordinate to infect itself with other coordinates. A spark as a high movement injected into a happy go lucky slow system of movement, by its conductive nature comes to speed up that slower movement, that in turn forces the atoms to expand their volume that to us within a confined space is seen as pressure, or in others as explosions.

The detonation of a nuclear device now is no different.  Inject a specific coordinate into an already unstable coordinate, and something is bound to happen. And in order to have that repeated automatically let there be sufficient mass to sustain what we call - a chain reaction.  Not that chain reaction is anything new, for the same takes place within our automobile engines, as well as any explosive where it is molecule to molecule.

For a greater amount of heat as well as expansion we need to do so atom-to-atom, a bit more difficult, but when so it will conduct its extreme high movement to all around it, heating the air to a very high degree, that in turn creates a shockwave, as well as melting. As then the crash of a two feet wave can make us fall, a hundred foot wave is an altogether different story. A hurricane with 160mph velocity can and does destroys much of what we have built. Multiply this two or three times over with extreme high temperatures instead of cooling rain, and we have what no one cares to see.

As then the atoms of the basic substance sustained a chain reaction, the same cannot take place upon the air or anything around it. There the chain reaction is just as in any cylinder, molecule to molecule. And/or to make it of a higher degree, employ one of the lightest of elements like Hydrogen to fuse it back into water, or helium, For when done so these demand a great deal of room. When making the first atomic bomb they contemplated if perhaps the chain reaction might continue to destroy the whole atmosphere. Obviously they lacked knowledge in fundamentals.

In my backyard, when for the little hydrogen I had accumulated inside of a hard plastic container, the single spark from my lawn mower blew that heavy lid clear over my three-bedroom home to the front yard, I ceased experimenting with hydrogen.

At one time I did advise us however how we should experiment utilizing water for a fuel instead of gasoline, in such a way as to separate the water molecule at the top of the cylinder sufficient for each down stroke, for it is not safe to store any mixture of Hydrogen with Oxygen in any sort of container. Doing so is like to carry a bomb, very likely to blow up on us.

If this can be done safely we can have water as fuel for our four wheeled toys. A fuel more powerful than any type of gasoline. For one thing the engine would need stronger pistons and cylinders as I discovered with my poor lawn mower where the piston was about to come out of the crankcase.  If anyone has a viable idea, do not let the oil companies know about it, for since greed runs the world you might find yourself with a knife in your back. I do not care to dig into it, since there are better means to obtain a clean unlimited source of energy. Best suited for the new world wherein greed will be a thing of the past.  For as I said; "Work your fingers to the bone, but you will not have my secret."



What shall we note in conclusion, if not that it warrants us to look to our Creator for knowledge and insight. If not - we are on the wrong track that leads to shame and regret. For we are to remain into all eternities. We therefore are not able to escape from ourselves, and must endure the consequences of our actions as also what proceeds from our lips, by which we will be judged.