By: Leonard Van Zanten 2021


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Is there a dual nature of light? It certainly appears that way and with this essay we are comparing primary waves with secondary waves.



If anything - the phenomenon of light is captivating, and more difficult to comprehend than even gravity.  It is not without cause that we have spoken of light for a dual nature, or a dual format, one in the essence of a material something, the other as no more than waves of an immaterial nature.

And while for so long I suspected it, I hesitated to commit myself for lack of more evidence, or a better understanding in the nature of light.  My words here then may be taken for facts or speculation, but not all will be speculation, nor may all of it be facts. And so with that understanding allow me to enumerate such factors of light as are easily observed.

When we are in a room (Figure 1) and we place one of those laser pens to shine a little red circle on the opposite wall it can be seen from anywhere in that room, from A to F.  But if we place ourselves at point X to look at that beam of red light sideways nothing at all of those waves are to be observed.

The conclusion here must be, that from and by the atoms of the material of that wall the incoming red waves are either reflected or refracted into all directions, into thousands upon thousand of them as copies of the first.  We with our laser pen may only be sending a limited number of waves that are then multiplied many times over. And this is done by any light, for with a window in one wall the light that passes from the outside inwards is likewise multiplied many times over to illuminate the entire room.

Figure 1


For is not this a fact that light always travels by a straight trajectory?  If therefore these waves through the window were not to multiply themselves by the atoms it is struck upon - only the wall opposite to the window would be lit. Nor is it from the incoming waves alone that copies are send out into all directions, but these copies as they are diverted produce yet more copies into any and all directions.

And now that we got this under our belt, let’s have a look at ourselves, in how it is for us to know that this room is fully illuminated?  We can only perceive anything illuminated if and when the waves of light pass directly into our eyes, and nowhere else. 

How thus do we see the wall? Answer.  In the returning waves from that wall.  And how do we see the furniture, and even our own hands? Here again the answer is by the waves reflected or refracted from whatever we behold.  And since the room is completely filled with waves going into all directions, and many billions of light waves can simultaneously enter our eyeballs, so it is that we observe the entire room with everything in it all at once.

And how may it be that the little red circle of the laser redirecting so many of its red wavelength all throughout the room do not show up anywhere except upon that one spot upon the wall?  This is because in nature there is no such thing as color, nor is it for any wavelength to have any color, it is only in us to behold color by interpretation. It is only by a reflection of the original wave that it may be seen elsewhere.

But now we must come to the real question, as to what these light waves are material or immaterial, primary or secondary?  For here we must adapt a new vocabulary to separate light for primary and secondary waves. (The dual nature of light)  Since then there are originals and copies of those originals these do not necessarily specify the dual nature of light. The waves from our laser, and those that came through the window from the exterior are all secondary waves, with those emitted or remitted from the atoms of all those substances were but copies of those secondary waves.

And where might we find the primary type, the ones with a different nature that is not altogether immaterial?  From the sun of course and from any star or well as any artificial source of like nature, like its production upon a tungsten element, or a fire, any hot source where the waves are instigated. 

But now we must hesitate here, for how is that computer screen illuminated when there is no fire nor any waves within that computer to start with?  There is however that electricity, a rotational magnetic field of force to induce – not primary – but secondary waves, the type that are immaterial as nothing more than coordinates, the coordinate of sine formations, nothing more than a movement, which as it goes onward traces goes by an angular format.

These waves therefore are not likely to harm us, as those of the sun to tan our skin. these being the magnetic secondary and of little power. And of course we are to pronounce them as magnetic since there is but a single spectrum, that of magnetic by and in which all waves come forth.

And now let us step outside into the light of the sun that warms the earth and causes growth to all living tissue.  Shall it then be by the optic waves that the earth is heated, or if not even more so by the infrared, the longer ones to which our vision is not tuned?  Be that as it may, what is it with these primary waves as they come straight down from the sun to illuminate the earth; do not these also move in a straight line? Of course they do, yet how then is the interior of our homes illuminated when we have a roof over our heads?

Our answer would be that these primary waves of the sun as they strike upon the earth are reflected and refracted out into any and all directions with the ones passing through our window to again multiply themselves illuminating the whole of our interior.  But these primary waves as they came upon the atoms of all substances did not in themselves return to anywhere, but newly regenerated copies of their coordinates were send out by and through the atoms that for their own pattern in coordinates are very selective in what lengths these will remit, and which not. It is by that phenomenon that we interpret all things for the color in them.


As then I said that these atoms would remit copies of their coordinates only, implies that all such redirected and/or remitted waves are secondary waves, the kind that unlike their parents having a sort of material nature, these copies are secondary consisting of an immaterial nature.  In my essay entitled, “Light’s Velocity,” I showed two versions of light, one in lengths, and one as discrete packages of energy.  The one in lengths pertains more to the secondary type of waves, while the primary contain a volume of substance that I came to call 3W, which is something of which all atoms subsist rather than the protons and electrons as man has fabricated.  Just because our solar system consists of a star with planets encircling it - does not mean that therefore the atoms should be that way. 

Volume wise there are more secondary waves passing around us than primary waves. In experimenting with light we were dumbfounded finding it to be only waves, and yet again as were they substantial. This was so because sometimes we experimented with secondary waves while at other times with primary waves. And when one looks at a man, and then at a woman, yes these two are different, if one gets the logic of it.


But now I wish to speak of something that has bothered me for a long time. The rays of the sun are straight down, and as these in secondary form are remitted from the ground and all else going straight up as well, how is it that we can see the sky? Or to rephrase the question, how can I look into a void unless there are waves passing into my eyes to extend into that void?

We cannot from any side see the rays from the sun as they pass through the air, because the molecules of the air allow for a safe passage to those waves, and not until they are terminated or struck upon something can we behold their last point of contact.

If then we can see all that is upon the earth by those last points of contact, and even an airplane in the sky as also its last points of contact, how is the air all around that airplane visible to us as a void to look into?  For yes it must be a void since there are no last points of contact for all those waves into our eyes that appear to us as an open sky.

When for the example I look at a distant tree, the tree is visible because the waves from it into my eyes were their last point of contact, and since the air does not arrest any such waves, the air between the tree and me it as such is transparent.  But way above that tree there is the open sky, and while the waves remitted from the ground going straight up may illuminate that part of the sky, how am I to see it that illumination, since these waves in going straight up are not coming into my eyes? It is all fine and dandy to say that these waves illuminate the sky, but how do we determine illumination if not by waves directly unto us?

Frustrating is it not? For what am I to believe now – that these molecules of the air also produce copies of the waves as they pass by them?  If so, then yes I can understand how and why the air is illuminated.  But there is a little snag here for when previously we looked sideways at those red waves from that laser, these did not produce any copies in conjunction with the molecules of the air, but only when they came upon the atoms in the wall, where they went wild to produce copies out of number.

I am beginning to believe that I am in the same boat with all the rest of the scientists that experimented with light, how on the one hand something must be, yet on the other hand it proves not to be.   Could it be that only primary waves, the ones with a sure collateral are able to produce copies of the molecules of the air as well as they do of all else?  If so, this is not so with any secondary wave as our experiment proved it to be. This has bugged me for a long time, and I presume it will continue to bug me until I can find some real evidence for it.

Within an airplane some thirty thousand feet up the light as it enters through the windows illuminates the whole cabin, but where do these waves come from?  If we through these little windows can see the ground, then yes these could be coming from the ground.  But are that the only ones, or may there be copies by and of the air molecules as well?

In looking at the sky, as into space we are as such looking into a void, which is quite understandable when a wave entering our eye moves out through the air without making any termination upon its molecules, whereby it as such continues on and on. This may be compared to the haze that appears upon a hot roadbed, the light there at some specific angle takes a turn, and since that turn is not any last point of contact other than the air itself, we are essentially looking into a void.  But that void appears like water, the semblance of it anyway. 

In this case the axiom of light’s straight line trajectory is enforced how we are not able by any line of light to see around corners, around any turn therein, except when that turn is very gradual like the refracted waves from the sun while it is below the horizon and yet visible to us.  Or a star hidden behind the sun appears to be passed the sun. This is called refraction by the roundness of the atmosphere around the earth as well as around the sun acting like a prism, and has nothing at all to do with gravity.

Our beholding is by angular deviations upon a rotating line of movement. Make the line straight and it is dark, all because a straight line is not a rotating formation, or to put it more accurately, the straight lines of magnetic do not present a width or diameter upon which a code may be encoded.  Nor is there any angular deviation within such lines that first and foremost serves us with vision that then by the degrees thereof we interpret for color. 

And why must the line in its sine formation be a rotating one? Because a none rotating drill cannot make any holes, nor produce again rotational movement to other coordinates, like electricity within our solar panels as one example, and for a second to perform the same at the back of our eyes, so that in the form of an electrical coordinate its data may be funneled to the brain where we as spirits pick it up by still another translation.

How amazing indeed for these billions of bits of data simultaneously entering our eyes all to be twice translated before it comes to our interpretation of it.   All this taking place at the speed of light. No wonder therefore that we are able to read those letters here in this essay, each single letter refracting many wavelengths unto us all of them neatly arranged so that we may know the difference between an A, from a B.  And that is but the half of it since all that spacing in between these letters also remit wavelengths, what therefore is the tally of wavelengths that we are able to interpret simultaneously?

In our flesh we are most marvelous creatures, but even more so in spirit to decode countless numbers of data in sight and hearing as well as in what we feel all at one and the same moment. If then we as no more than specs of dust are so marvelous, how marvelous must He be who at all times upholds us for life and being, with all else that is in the universe?  With a single look and thought into the universe I feel myself as nothing at all, and such nothingness is to define how things are made?  Humility therefore is not a vice but acts as gratitude.



If only I could be sure of this that the primary type of light does indeed form copies of its coordinate by and upon the molecules of our air, it would explain everything. For this much is a fact that such is not done by the secondary type of light waves. If then anyone knows of a way to establish the same with reasonable evidence I would be grateful.