By Leonard Van Zanten


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Wisdom, insight, and understanding, by these God's creation becomes most marvelous. To deny God His creation is fatal to all that choose to be ignorant.


Key words

Creation;  Motion.



The marvel of creation, and how indeed all things are most marvelous in the way they appear.  When we look at a table or a chair, or anything for that matter, it is hard to visualize how all these things exist and are held in shape by one main ingredient to wit "movement."  Yes indeed "movement." It may not be just any kind of movement, fundamental yes - but nonetheless still movement in a power of.

What is an atom, and how do these join to one another to make for all things if not a system, a coordinate of movement specifically that which we discover with any magnet. For these alone have the capacity to join and disjoin, how from angular movement linear movement is produced, the marvelous figure of eight by which all of them are empowered, which is not only for atoms and molecules but every star and planet operating by the same fundamental movement.

Be realistic, adapt wisdom, do we not confirm that everything is made up of atoms, and how these form molecules that in turn comes to all that we claim as material? Indeed so. And how do these atoms join to one another? Shall it be as the blind proclaim; namely "electrically"? Has anyone ever seen a positive to attract or even repel from one any negative? Short circuits tell a different story, how any positive contact to any negative is destructive, unless we place a transmission in between, like coils, transformers etc.

All because that electricity is none other than a rotating magnetic field of force (as we ought to know). Not anything like electrons on the move like the blind in the sciences expect us to believe. And yes these are blind because they do not have the fear of God, wherefore the truth is not with them.

The two ends of any electrical now being in opposite direction of rotation from one another, each one will attempt to bring the other to its own mode of rotation.  Like two grinding wheels destroying each other - so is their direct contact. Only by more turns serving to appease them can they be utilized.

Most fundamentally now the power of movement is linear, that then comes to an angular upon what I have not given a name nor is it to be comprehended. From it then is born the power of movement to activate the physical. Nor is it only able to move all things, but holds all things together as well as apart. And to show that part graphically our reference will be to Figure 1.



Figure 1


Here the produced angular proceeds by the pattern of an eight. And as it does there is a singular direction of movement down the middle by and from Y to M, and from X to P; the typical figure of eight.

So it is that the ingoing direction is called South with the outgoing North, a single linear movement. And that fundamental movement being conductive, it joins with like movements. So it is that we call it directionally conductive, for when the direction of movement is in opposite they disjoin departing from one another, or as we say; Repel.

By us this typical movement has become known bearing the name of  magnetic, and found with all stars and planets, as well as all atoms, with these to molecules and so on. The evidence of this is clearly seen with the tides, for as the moon elongates the magnetic fabric between it and the earth. the same must occur on the opposite side of the earth, the figure and power of eight being like unto a pair of scissors, where when one end is closed so will the other.

Indeed an absolutely marvelous creation of the Almighty One to have brought into existence that typical moving power. For it is a power and ever moving, never at all to fail nor at any time to abridge its constant, nor can it be apprehended, or taken from, yet it can be imposed upon. And how it is by and in a "rate" of movement that its systematic behavior changes from greater to lesser power in bonding and even to display a neutral to that effect. Like the air we breathe made up of atom/molecules that are neutral to one another. When however we freeze the air to a very low temperature, meaning when the rate of movement is slowed down their neutrality changes to a positive attitude, becoming what we term a solid.

As then the air subsist of - so-called - solid parts their magnetic neutrality makes for a gas, as it is with all gasses. As then we take two gasses like Hydrogen and oxygen that are perfectly neutral to one another, once a high rate of movement is introduced to increase the rate of movement of those two, a sudden substantial expansion comes to occur whereby these join becoming a liquid known as water.

On the high end solids and liquids will usually come to disjoin, but it can also be the reverse, seen with the hydrogen bomb. On the low end however most all become solids, all by nothing more complicated than the rate of movement, that in turn dictates the magnetic nature.

If this cannot be seen as an absolute miracle of creation, one has yet a long ways to go.  And it is but one of many. How immature of man to behold the pistons on his four wheeled toys to go down by what he calls pressure, when in reality it is by magnetic power. For no pressure nor any explosion is ever by anything other than magnetic power.

It is not steam that empowers the steam locomotive, but the magnetic repulsion of the countless many molecules of which the steam is made up.  In raising the pressure of steam we in all reality are driving the many magnetic parts (atom/molecules) into one another against their repulsive force. that when released activates the piston, the driving power being none but magnetic.

Likewise with gun powder, or any type of explosion. Introduce a high rate of movement and immediately all the parts of that substance for their rate increase will demand room to expand. And the reason that it is so instant like an explosion; is because the velocity of that internal movement is always at its constant; (300.000 km/s)

Consider how far the power companies string their high voltage lines from the poles. Voltage being none other than a rate of movement. The higher the rate - so the greater the distance in expansion will be. As the spinning movement increases so by centrifugal action it must expand. And at some quarter million revolutions (voltage) per second the conductors must be far from any conducting surface, the metal of the poles.

In order to confirm that my word is of a truth, one need but hold a magnet next to an electrical conductor, the wire will vibrate back and forth to that magnet at the rate of its voltage, in other word at the rate of its magnetic revolution. The scientists that came up with the fantasy for electricity to be anything other than a rotating magnetic field of force, had no understanding of their experiments. God having closed their eyes, and minds,

And now consider this, why is steel so strong, and butter parted at the touch with rubber pliable, when all these are of the same substance? That is to say, its fundamental substance whatsoever that may be, God only knows. When there is little magnetic attraction the molecules of butter as well as water are parted easily, but when held strongly by manifold interweaving metals can hardly be pulled apart.

All this by a single force called movement in its fundamental nature of being. Not therefore movement as we normally picture the same. When looking at a magnet as it pulls a nail to itself that movement is by and of the fundamental movement, and in itself second to that fundamental movement.

And so it is with a rubber band its atoms being held together magnetically, that when stretched is the same as pulling two magnets away from each other, that then of course will return to their former position when released. With certain metals we say it has a memory, when twisted around, and then heated it comes back to its original shape, here again it is the rate of movement. All of our circuit breakers also operate on that phenomena, as do our toasters.

It is said that perpetual motion is not possible, yet how then is it that there is more perpetual motion than any other motion? If then we insist that true perpetual motion must be a movement without any source feeding it, the subject in part becomes debatable.

The human heart keeps on pumping, its muscle contracting over and over without any external inducement to do so.  Cannot that therefore be classified being perpetual? In a way yes, for so also is breathing. If then we point to the signals send from the brain it no longer may appear being perpetual does it?  Should then our spirit be the external power or be perpetual? It indeed is, no death is ever found with any spirit. No single person walking the earth has ever died other than his body. But then no person is his body, it being no more than a shell like a home for a spirit to dwell within.

When someone dies, that is when his spirit is divested from his body it is then that he or she comes to learn and realize how he or she has lived. If thus after death we meditate upon ourselves and our ways, there is no such thing as death for any person.  A body cannot think nor reason, but as spirits we do so continually. The almighty Creator by His own word made us to exist everlastingly. That we have a beginning but no end, we being made in His image.

Adapt knowledge, adapt understanding, and most of all wisdom to insight, let truth and reality be our entertainment. The science by the hand of man leaves much to be desired.

We have eyes to see, but the eyes do not see, they are no more than a small part in the mechanics whereby illumination becomes us. It is the spirit that interprets minute movements into a beholding for us. Color likewise does not exist other than by interpretation of tiny angular movements. For it is by movement that all things come to reality. It is by a rate of movement that water becomes ice, or any molecule either combine or is divested into its singular elements.

Then to realize that spiritually we operate at the speed of light, for while billions of light-waves enter in by us, we interpret them not only for a beholding but for color as well. All these many billions upon billions we interpret instantly without any effort, (Or at the speed of light as it may be said).  Or sound, when we speak we cause tiny vocal cords to vibrate to the tune of wording, And that my dear reader is a marvel all in itself, just to speak and to hear.

"The marvel of creation", so I said, that for the foolish is not in their perception, while for the wise and the understanding it is more than a marvel.  How for example our spirit interprets every little movement into a beholding, as well as feeling, taste, hearing, and smell for us. If thus our spirits are not an absolute marvel of creation for us what shall they be?

And how marvelous that before we were conceived in the womb it as such did not exist other than in the mind of the Creator, and once being it is to remain forever. Just to think and realize how there will never be an end to our being that also in itself is inconceivable, and most marvelous.

When therefore it is spoken of a death, what could that possibly be when no spirit of any person can ever cease to exist?  Death on earth is nothing more than a body returning to the dust from which it was constructed. In other words we are simply divested from our earthly home and transported by the angels off the earth to either what is called Paradise, or to what may be called a holding bin, that by Enoch is depicted as a great hollow mountain  there to await the great day of judgment. After which in time everyone will come to dwell upon a new earth with peace and perfect harmony.

This means that no one is ever gone, and that we will see those again that have departed. When a wife misses her departed husband, it is only for a while when she will see him again, and if so inclined be for a wife to him again into everlasting. Those that have entered (as it is said) into heaven will most certainly meet those again that made it short of heaven.

But am I revealing too much? Yet how can I when all this is basic knowledge, proclaimed by the word of God in a number of ways. It then is like the Lord said; "If the light within you is darkness, how dark shall the darkness be?" And did not Solomon say quote: "If a man desires to know much, he will be able to discern what is past, as well as what is to come. For She (Wisdom) has knowledge of hidden words, and expounds riddles, signs and marvels she knows beforehand, and how it will be in certain seasons and hours."

"How it will be in certain seasons and hours," so it reads, And indeed the Almighty One granted me to know and understand what will be and how it will be in future days, like in the new world. So also I came to say, "No one with his hide still upon him or her will enter into my kingdom, that is into that new world. It will not be as done here where everyone labors for number one (Himself) nor will I allow anyone to overreach his neighbor, or be enriched upon them. And more such rules everyone will abide by.

In that new world any couple may have children while those that killed the fruit of the womb, (abortions) will not be allowed to have children. That being one of the rules I will enforce for shame and regret upon them. All this in the marvel of creation, be it understood or not. For who is able to grasp the norm of wisdom but such as are blessed with it from above?



As now wisdom increases so does the pain and the marvel of creation. Who has taught the Lord that the human creature should blush, or the many emotions be read upon the face? These did not come by themselves, nor the fact that we have two legs, two arms and but one nose. There is none like the Lord, the Almighty One, to Him belongs all praise and glory.

How marvelous indeed to have procured the Turtle dove, and the Pigeon to the welfare of all mankind.  But now I passed a threshold, to speak of something very few if any have ever known or understood other than perhaps a few born of the Lord into whom He infused such wisdom and insight. It therefore is not in vain that I speak, other than to the unwise. And did not the Lord say: "I will accept no bull from your house, nor a he-goat from your folds." (Psalm 50:9)

Many secrets that are clearly written that none of the priests and teachers of the earth have any knowledge of.  For here again there are but seven rivers greater than all rivers upon the earth, Rivers as teachers, the last one to come from the west pouring its waters into the great sea.  The sea being the nations of the earth. And what more shall I reveal to minds into whom knowledge cannot enter? What is it when one is not grateful for his very life being, or the glory given him, shall not that be inscrutable, something very wrong? And even more so to be repulsive to one's benefactor.

One might reason - the Lord having created everything, how or why did He not curtail that angel Lucifer to become evil and cause so much harm? The Lord being all powerful He can stop as well as destroy anything. On the other hand if anything had to be destroyed He would not have created it in the first place. And it is wise as well as proper to Capitalize all references that point to Him.

As seen there is always one and the other, good and evil, full and empty, high and low, straight and curved.  How can anything be filled if at first it were not empty? And how can anything be that is not good if not by comparison to what "is" good? How is a two if not by twice one? And if there is a one there must also be a zero for the one to be one.

God indeed gave His creatures a will of their own, seeing He made them after His own image, Or what would one be other than a mere machine without a will of his own? For as much as the Lord is righteous and Holy in a will of His own, that which is contrary will also come to show, even as there is a law. For again law does not exist but for what is unlawful. The garden of Eden made it very clear that man could take of everything, but not to step outside of his nature in which and by which he was created. 

As it is to love, so not to love must also exist for love to be love. Since there is righteousness which if not adhered to unrighteousness comes to be seen. So it is that there is always the one and the other. For without the love to righteousness how can either exist?

It was pride and envy that caused the Satan to attempt to put his throne next to that of his Creator. An unrighteous deed that cannot survive with the Lord the Creator who is the perfection of righteousness always. Yet the Lord did not destroy him, but put him to shame casting him down to where he belonged. But man is yet worse than the Devil to elevate himself above his Creator.

But how is an evil ruler to maintain his rule in the sight of God his Creator? Therefore also did God create man to have the rule upon the earth, taking it away from the Satan thus shaming him.

"Love righteousness" so the Creator said for you are in My image and I am righteous, not causing any harm. Obey My word for I gave you life and being, I create the good, and let no one corrupt it.  So it was that the law came, to put to shame what is improper, and destructive to all that is good.

Those then that departed from what is good and righteous did so by a law that is no law or as such cannot possibly be understood, since it is without body. "Inscrutable" as the Lord said.

And yes righteousness is the only thing to be had by which all creatures can live together in harmony, just as the Lord created His physical creation in which all things work in harmony. And I am at all times astounded in the marvel of it, the absolute perfection in everything.

Almost everyone wonders how I came to so much knowledge and understanding when as yet these have but seen a fraction of the awesome store of knowledge. How then can I be understood by anyone? And seeing that such is but a ray of light from our Almighty Creator, how immensely great He must be. Like as the whole of the earth receives but a small part of the light of the sun, so am I.

How little the people of the earth realize or consider the many unseen creatures that are at all times near and with him. All the spirits of man are transported from the earth when he (as said) dies. This he realizes the instant when he is divested from his earthly home. Then his eyes behold what no eye made of flesh are able to behold. Then also he meditates upon what he has done, and not done, or should have done.

Even right around us there is the fear of one unseen creature to the other, some that cannot bear to be near others. None of which is seen or heard by the sons of man. Yet it is so daily around him. How very foolish and ignorant of man to send forth spacecraft so as to discover or announce himself to others in the universe. When of course we are well known throughout the universe, and by some having heard of us and our affairs.

And what man thinks of these things or has any conception of this? This world lies in ignorance, in great ignorance, with the exception of those in exile whose education has come from the throne of God.

Man sins because he is blind to what is for real, ignorant of all the many eyes looking upon him. In the day of judgment when the glory of God will appear to them then they will wither for fear realizing to have sinned in His presence, and be sorrowful for having been ignorant and not taken to be educated.

For it is as the Lord said.  "My people die for lack of knowledge." And again.  " By putting knowledge into them so you make them alive." And O how before long all the priests in the earth will be humiliated and fear for their lives, when the inhabitants of the earth come to realize that they have been lied unto by them, alienating them from their Creator. It will be a sad day for the teachers of man upon all the earth.

It is not wise to be a priest unless truth becomes you, nor to be a judge or lawyer, for all the pains and regret that awaits them. Then these will wish they had never been priests or judges. But who is to show light unto the blind, or truth to them that are averse to it?

Just for a man to have a wife for him that also is an absolute marvel not only in its creation but in the very essence of it.  What could a man possibly be, or want for joy if he were not twain in himself? Consider all the love songs and emotions that have sprung forth for and from that single creature in two. It my dear reader is life for him, as well as his training in love and compassion, which would not be among them had he been made singular.  A most marvelous thought of the Lord to endow His creation in that way, and to have it everlasting.

Love is not something to have come of itself, nor did compassion sprout forth but of the zeal of God alone, since He is all these and more. And not only upon man did He impart His nature. For so it is that without Him nothing of anything would exist. And how terrible that would be for nothing to have being.

And how utterly foolish of any person to even consider an end, all because he had a beginning. But no doubt my speech is too deep for man to follow, lest I speak a flood of words. But that also is the reality and marvel of creation that without knowledge man cannot live, nor without wisdom serve nor honor his Creator. And to whom shall it be given but that thirst for it? For that likewise is not to be found nor discovered as so many in ignorance fancy themselves.

It's the marvel of creation, but who is to fathom either of them? It is in God's endless compassion that He endowed it upon His creature. Do not weep long for the dead for all of them will be seen again, and again into forever. And how do I say so? Because God created life, and life alone. Death was never made nor will it be, other than by figure of speech. But as there is a heaven to the seventh of them, so there is rank and place for all, greater and lesser glory. All this is known in wisdom and by insight, and so we are admonished if we wish to obtain anything, search for wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight, for nothing is as precious as wisdom.

How is it for me to have said; "At the gates of hell I will break all their bones." A word of insight yes that can only be seen in the light.  And so indeed it will be. A marvel of God's creation is what it is. A true marvel of creation.

Then to speak of what is but under our feet, the fact that we do not float from the earth even though it moves at a clip of better than 900 kilometers each minute, who of all mankind has discovered upon what foundation the earth rests? None have, and yet it is fully known, how it is by movement and in the movement of each single atom. A knowledge not in man as it ought to be lest there would not be a marvel of creation, nor for me to speak of it.

What man has understood that each day as the moon passes he is tilted in his upright angle to the earth just as the waters are raised to a tide?  It is in the marvel of creation how all things are affected by one another, and that in harmony.

No person is his own but of the whole. Like as a puzzle is not complete unless all pieces are in place, so is man with all that is around him.

Has anyone ever touched upon anything truly physical? To touch and adhere is at all times movement upon movement, without it there would be no feeling nor any voice to be heard or sight to be seen. All this in the marvel of creation by an all-wise being, the one and only God and Creator.

And how did He speak of that? Isaiah 48:13-15.  "My hand laid the foundation of the earth, and My right hand spread out the heavens; when I call to them, they stand forth together.  "Assemble, all of you, and hear! Who among them has declared these things? The Lord loves him; he shall perform His purpose on Babylon, and his arm shall be against the Chalde'ans. I, even I, have spoken and called him, I have brought him, and he will prosper in his way."

And how is that to be interpreted? Chalde'ans means "the strong." And Babylon, "the world of wickedness."  And why may it be that the Almighty One speaks by way of parables? It is so that only the wise may understand, how for the empty the little that they have will as yet be taken, but fullness for them that seek and thirst for what is wholesome.

This too is in the marvel of creation on which a whole book can be written. Sadly however it is but for the wise to whom the few make for the whole. All this in His immeasurable wisdom to have procured His creation one upon the other to the good of all, most marvelous in every way. Nor would any difference be of accounting. And so I speak in wisdom, and let it be wisdom for all ears to hear.


Man in his knowledge.

How is it that while Sir Isaac Newton made a proper law by which to calculate the norm of gravity, that no one in more than 3 centuries has made a calculation of it, or for reality had any understanding in the outcome of it? Of all the millions of scientists and teachers not a one of them had eyes to see, whose light within them was but darkness. As then I am the first or perhaps the only one thus far with eyes to see, how is that reckoned?

Why do I have eyes to see with most everyone else blind to insight? That my dear reader is also God's marvel of creation. It was so designed of Him that we might come to know and understand truth, that we should not come to pride as if we are wise of our own, since we are but a creation, and nothing more. In other words for us to know, and know it well, - how all knowledge is of God even as we in our bodies and spirit are of Him, and Him alone.

As then we are not much better than the Satan to take pride in himself and robbing his Creator, entertaining what is evil within our hearts, so the Almighty One in order to teach us rightly, He withheld the truth from them giving them over into the power of evil spirits, Satan's helpers whereby these come to believe what is false. That then is in contrast to what is truth that can only come from the throne of God, whereby the Lord Almighty comes to shame all those that came to deny Him, having a preference in themselves.

So it is said how "the Lord will make fools of all those that thought themselves wise." And "to dishonor all the honored in the earth."  All this to the end that all of mankind will come to learn and accept that all knowledge comes from God, and accordingly look to Him for grace and comfort.  And was it not written and foretold how in this day and time there would come an elected one, (Enoch) quote: (after that)  "In the sixth week, an apostate generation shall arise, its deeds shall be many, all of which will be criminal. And at its completion there shall be elected the elect one of righteousness from the Eternal Plant of righteousness to whom shall be given sevenfold knowledge and wisdom."

In other words, a son of Christ Jesus would come upon the scene, in whom wisdom dwells to speak of a truth. And by that truth the great majority of all scientists physicist and teachers would be put to shame, just as it was foretold. Or again in other words, to make them realize that truth is in God alone, and any wisdom into any man can only come from God. How indeed there is nothing better for any person but to fear God, and to love Him, for that is wisdom, true wisdom.

Consider the endless number of divers creatures in the sea, on land and in the air, as well as the multitude of human creatures.  All of which to the Lord are but like the fine dust on the scales, something one takes no account of when weighing things.  Yet the Lord the Almighty one cares for all at all times.

Do not pay heed to these brainless brutes that look for other planets for man to live on. For we will indeed live on an other planet, and that is all of us from Adam onwards. It however will be of God's creation, and the time factor will be in a little over one thousand years from now. And while I do know how that will be, one will have to see so for him or herself in that day and time. All this in the marvel of creation.

Consider it our good fortune that forever more there will be no taxes, no loans, nor mortgages, nor sickness, nor will anyone age. A world most beautiful for every one to marvel at God's handiwork. And it will be my joy to grant everyone his and her wages, at work, at play, at school, or on vacation, full pay at all times. And like Solomon also said; (Song of Solomon 8:8-10) The more righteous, the greater the status.



The marvel of creation comes to its reality by wisdom and knowledge to understanding, not only in how all things are constructed, but for our spiritual nature as well, it being our very being, the very essence of ourselves.  And the way to it is to look to one's Creator, in truth and with humility. Did not King Solomon say; how the universe is but like a tent for Him to dwell in, and that all things are contained within Him?. Indeed so. How thus can anything take place or be outside of Him?