By Leonard Van Zanten   (2023)


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What may be the pillars on which the earth rests as it floats on no apparent foundation? Since then it is duly bound to a star there must be strings to keep it in check. And so let's discover what that foundation may be since the theories by man's scientists from obvious evidence are simply preposterous. In due time all of man's fundamentals in the sciences will be rewritten.


Key words

Gravity,  Foundations, Motion, Magnetic.



The Almighty Creator of the stars and planets by way of His prophet Jeremiah said to us; "If the heavens above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth below can be explored, then I will cast off all the descendants of Israel for all that they have done." (Jer: 31-37) When therefore the head is cut off so will the whole of nations. Are we therefore going to destroy ourselves in gaining such knowledge?

Obviously no man has come close to defining the pillars upon which the earth rests. Yet then again it is prophesied. "Therefore when it speaks be not afraid, for the word is of the end, and the foundations of the earth are understood." (Esdras: 6-10)

You think it possible that Christ Jesus died in vain, or man cunning enough to wrestle God's secrets out from under Him? The logical answer would be a no to both, for even as a flea cannot tackle an elephant, so no man can overcome Him who formed the universe. And yet it is equally true that these foundations would be understood, how therefore can that be, if not for God to reveal it to at least one among us.

And so indeed He did, wherefore by this and other essays everyone that reads may understand the same, how this earth is not just a ball floating in the heavens, but that it is duly bounds upon the kind of fundamentals by which all stars and planets are bound.

Does that seem to make me one of a kind as most everyone speaks of me, being an alien and all? In a way perhaps, only I do not see it that way, but that I received a ray of light from the Throne of God, even as I was born of Him, and for many years long to return to from where I came.  Someone on the net called me "A miracle of light."  And for the Godly insight given me I suppose I am but in comparison to a dark world, a very dark world.  How the scientists and physicists of this age are less than children at what may be said, a man's game.

In general man is blind, how for example is it possible for anyone to acclaim that the date of the birth of Christ is not written in the Scriptures, when of course such is a stupid lie by someone who either never read the Scriptures, or is more ignorant than the hind end of an ass.  For it is written. Luke specifies the month of June, And the angel of God to Moses specifies the sixth of June. How blind and ignorant therefore is the world at large to still celebrate the "sun" in the month of December: Yes indeed the sun rather than the Son, a truly pagan idol worship, a holiday to which the sons of the Devil attached the name of Christ.

I now do indeed know and understand the foundations upon which this earth rests, but no I did not discover them. It was a gift, by revelation, and upon my request to the Almighty One for a greater and deeper understanding He granted me the same in a rich measure. Who then in this world can be more grateful than me?  For is not wisdom, like King Solomon said, the greatest and richest of all treasures?


Movement now, a fundamental movement, is the key to all that we behold, and what we are in body, and that no less for all that is bound within the universe. But then comes the quest how and in what way this all comes about. A revelation indeed. How for example is the moon held to the earth? "By gravity" so the blind proclaim, but it is fatal to buy light from the blind. The gravity of the earth, by our own laws and calculations does not project much over 3000 miles from the earth, and with the moon at some 240,000 miles removed 2 plus 2 does not add up to 3.


Hubble space telescope, altitude 353 miles, speed 17500 mph, weight 24,500. That by Newton's law brings the factor of gravity 353 miles above the earth to 28.66. when therefore we deduct the 28.66 from 32.174 (at sea level) it comes to a decrease of 3.514 in those 353 miles, and this divided by the 353 comes to 0.009.954.674 per mile.  Then by dividing the sea level factor of 32.174 by the decrease per mile, comes to 3.232 miles, at which point the factor of gravity is zero, and the acceleration will be zero ft/sec/sec.  But why do I have to be the first in more than three centuries, to bring this to our attention?


Figure 1


By way of illustration the brown circular area around the earth in Figure 1 depicts the extend of earth's gravity, That which extends out further is its magnetic fabric, that for length seems nearly endless.  The sun for its magnetic fabric not only holds the earth but reaches out to the end of our solar system holding all planets. And as magnets lock upon one another so one solar system will lock upon others to make for whole galaxies.

Our moon therefore cannot possibly be held gravitational, but as our own evidence indicate magnetically. just as all atoms connect magnetically to other atoms forming molecules to make for all that appears physical. Illustration Figure 2 shows the earth with its moon securely held as well as why there are always two equal tides upon the earth. We all know that the magnetic fabric between any two magnets is pliable, and so it is with the earth/moon configuration.



Figure 2.


With the moon in motion attempting to depart from us its mass compounded with its velocity bears heavy upon those magnetic lines, elongating the normally more rounded lines compressing the area directly under it raising them by which the waters are nudged upwards into what is typically a smaller are, that we call the tide. That then by virtue of the magnetic design must occur on the other side of that magnetic figure of eight as well. That is how the dual tides come about in contrast to what man's scientists ill-teach their children. If the moon traveled faster there would be higher tides.


Magnetic, magnetic.

It is my aim to reveal to us the pillars upon which the earth rest, since then the power by which these are held is best known to us by the term of magnetic, so I am foremost showing what magnetism really is, and/or how it came, or comes about. By Figure 3, we behold the outline of what is found with any magnet, star, and planet, as well as atoms.


Figure 3.


Before all else the Almighty One called into existence a moveable power, that I came to call. "Fundamental movement." By Figure 3 that first fundamental movement in its power of has wrapped, or affixed itself within and/or upon a certain substance, that can only and always come to a figure of eight. That first movement then is always at a linear by which light and all waves are transposed, but not able to move anything else we term physical. Then, as seen, upon a substance it comes back upon itself by a twice circling so forming the figure of eight.

I refrain from going into the greater detail how and why this comes about in eight, a knowledge not yet suited for man. It is however obvious and evident in all that is observed. Here that angular movement comes in at one end, and out the other that in all respects creates a, or the "linear" movement south to north. It thus is from the angular that linear movement is produced. And that fundamental movement being conductive as well as directionally conductive, there is attraction as well as repulsion.

When we break a magnet in halves each half becomes a separate magnet, showing as well as concluding that the pattern of movement affixes itself automatically by an eight centering on the volume it inhibits.



Figures 4 and 5


And now for gravity, it is not a power in itself but rather "an inclination to downward movement," with magnetic the power of that downward movement. And to make this short and simple, it in all respects is "movement by movement into movement." 

By Figure 5 the atoms as they spin be it their internal angular motion, or to additionally spin as well, will always maintain rigidity and/or remain at balance. When however these atoms like spinning tops are nudged into the linear, they as we know begin to wobble, that is to precess as illustrated by Figure 6.  And when they do these become subject to the magnetic fabric, like by twisting around the lines. Or as I may depict it, becoming like a nut on a long threaded bolt. That is how all atoms in the embrace of the earth's magnetic fabric come to move downward.

It is convenient to think of magnetic as lines primarily because of its movement in direction of, It however in reality is something more than lines, the nomenclature of which is lengthy and difficult, but rewarding.

And now, why downward? Because the magnetic power of and in eight always drives everything to its center of being, (revealed elsewhere.)  And there is ample linear movement by which to force them into a precession, namely the movement of the earth, namely its orbital track as well as its daily rotation. 

So it is that nothing at all is immune to earth's magnetic hold, not even the smallest nor lightest of atoms. And the greater the torque the greater the impression will be. And the reason all different weights are driven to earth's center at the same rate of acceleration lies in the precessional torque at any given altitude. As one falls to earth his speed increases not only for his acceleration, but equally so because the gravitational torque also increases.

The earth as it rotates may also be likened to a spinning top, that for its orbital (linear) movement places a torque upon it whereby it also comes to precess. Our seasons for example come about by that precession with an incline to some 20 plus degrees. In no way at all do our seasons come about in the way man's scientists have it by their obvious sight deception. The fact that the earth for any one full precession (seasons) comes short of making a full orbital track around the sun by about 20 minutes, is a REGRESSION, like in coming behind. 20 minutes then times 26000 comes to a tally of 25999 earth orbits around the sun.

The calendar for another example is fully woven into the movements of the earth, (Ref 1) and given to us by our Creator through His servant Enoch. While then that was briefly held by Abraham, and the sons of Jacob, onto Moses, the Gentiles never did obtain that wisdom, and are still holding on to that irrational calendar, known as the Roman calendar, to wit July and August after the Roman emperors.

This however is about to change, It was prophesied that in this day and age God would again infuse that wisdom in one of His own to reintroduce that wisdom. And it was given me to reintroduce that Godly calendar, (Ref 2) that will again be held in the day of the Sabbath. (Seventh millennium) First in Israel, then trickling through to the Gentiles for the yet remaining one thousand years.

 Light now for example is not any material thing, nor therefore subject to gravity. Your Einstein never in his life got anything correct, and it warrants us to take due notice of that, unless one prefers to suffer in regret and dishonor.  Yet that light is not only subject to - but a very part of that fundamental movement in the first linear. That in a way may be depicted as placing dents, rotational dents in the linear flow of that fundamental movement. We call it waves that are not waves, yet appear to move as waves. But just as the flutes in a drill-bit encircle the shaft, so light has its progression, Looking at it from the side these rotations do indeed appear to move up and down like waves. Only we should not allow ourselves to be deceived by sight deception.

It is only when that very same fundamental movement contacts or connects upon what we term material, that it twists itself around becoming a figure of eight around and/or upon that so called material substance or spec of.  (atoms) In that way the basic linear becomes an angular, and that in turn as shown by Figure 3 comes to a linear again to move whatever is understood by being material.


I now indeed have made it short and simple without going into the deeper details. At sea level the precession bears more strongly than at higher altitudes where the movement is further from the center of the earth. According as show by Figure 7, at P3 the factor of g is found to be 32.174.  At higher levels with the torque decreased it will come to 16 and less. (P4) Notice from the illustration how the precession is at right angle to the flow of gravity, like as if it intertwines itself with the magnetic fabric, and so indeed it does being conductive and all.


Figure 6.


That is how all substance is coerced to the center of the earth, named gravity. Then as we speed around a circle with mother earth, like about a thousand miles north or south of the equator, we by our circular movement also become gravitationally subject to the axis of the earth directly under us, which tends to align us with the axis at that point. But since our general movement of the whole earth to its center is stronger, our upright position is mostly to the direct center of center of the earth.

Earth foundation thus rest in the magnetic fabric that entangles or intertwines itself with that of the sun, and any other nearby magnetic fabric, The sun therefore has a very good hold of mother earth, and what I call by a slicing of the figures of eight as the earth turns it is nudged forward in its orbital path. The earth however also for its volume and velocity bears heavy upon the magnetic fabric of the sun and its own, and will depart or take on a larger orbital track according to the combined magnetic hold. (Sun/Earth) Wherefore it stays in orbit.

When the moon with its magnetic fabric comes to reside directly between mother earth and the sun, there is an extra degree of elongation. (both sun and moon pulling on us) that in turn comes to raise our waters to a higher tide, on both sides of the earth. The tide on the far side of the earth thus is by the eight of force, magnetically. That alone is the real cause for the duel tide., or any tide.


Simple, is it not to learn how the pillars of the earth for its foundations rest securely in movement by movement, and no less the foundation of all the planets and stars as well as galaxies.  None of which has been thought of or discovered by any man. The Lord having closed the eyes and hearts of all to this simple knowledge, lest they would come to say that they are so cunning in themselves, not considering the fact that they are but a creation, how all that they are is but of their Creator, knowledge inclusive.

Therefore also did He reveal it to one whom He calls a tender twig taken from very own Son, (Ezekiel 17:22-24) (Enoch 33:17) in so doing to show mankind how all knowledge is of Him, and Him alone, wherewith also all that considered themselves wise in the earth would be put to shame. Like the Lord said that "He would dishonor all the honored in the earth." If not by me, the Lord will make a complete fool out of Einstein and anyone in league with him.

If the Lord did not grant it us we would not be able to take a second breath, or eat a morsel of bread, nor raise a hand, or behold what is before us. We are at all times fully dependent upon Him, upon His mercy and compassion. And having made us to last into forever it becomes us to at all times act righteously. For who would want to live in pain and regret seeing we are to endure into everlasting?

Nothing at all therefore can be better than to fear the Lord our Creator, who will indeed punish anyone for going his own way contrary to his nature. If He is to judge the angels, how will man escape? Pride and arrogance cannot endure before His righteous being. Nor therefore should it be between man and man.

If you cannot make it into heaven take pains to come at least as close as possible, lest your regret will be for a very long time. "By putting knowledge into them, so you make them alive," the Lord said. And this is what I am procuring, for I too am loving and compassioned not wanting anyone to die or suffer in regret.

When the moon passes over raising the waters to a higher level, we also in our person are tilted along with the movement of that moon, seeing we in standing on two feet are not as rigidly secured as the rocks are. It may be a minor degree, but minor or not it does occur that we can prove to ourselves with some sensitive instruments, that I need not explain. And you will discover that my word is of a truth.

It then behooves us to pay heed to my speech that light in no way is subject to any gravity, but to refraction. And for our welfare do not pay heed to any of those ignorant brutes that tell us differently, lest one becomes disgraced and dishonored along with them. Truth alone will take victory, and that without question or debate.

As now it is written by Isaiah 41:26-29; "Who declared it from the beginning that we might know, or beforetime that we might say, "He is right"?       There was none who declared it, none who proclaimed, none who heard your words. I first have declared it to Zion, and I give to Jerusalem a herald of good tidings. But when I look there is no one; among these there is no counselor who, when I ask, gives an answer.  Behold, they are all a delusion; their works are nothing; their molten images are empty wind."

Is not this a testimonial that the knowledge to the foundations of the Earth is of God alone, not any man, as He states; "I first have declared it to Zion."?   And who among the sons of man is to give me an answer, or that one should be able to correct me? I know from where I am, and the trusted source of my knowledge. But still men will say; "We can't tell him to be right."



Embraced within an endless network of directionally conductive movement so is any star and planet held in place and at its progression, to wit its foundation. Or as we might say; the pillars upon which these rest. A secret that God has withheld from the race of man even from day one, to at end grant it by one of His own, for God is life and loving, not wishing for any of His creatures to die, or live in pain or regret. And has it not been said; "He will wipe away the tears of everyone."?

Yours Leonard.


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