By Leonard Van Zanten (01/07/2022)



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  1. SIGHT DECEPTION is what has the whole world of science in a fix. Most everything in the sciences is interpreted by sight deception, the reality being quite different. Our earth does not have its seasons according to man's science. The atom is not anything that man interprets it to be.

  2. The waves of light, radio, etc are not anything man portrays them. The tides are not by gravity. Nor does man have any idea what light is. nor how it travels, or even how to calculate its velocity. He is in the dark as to what warmth is, or even the real power that moves things.

  3. And so it is with all of man's fundamentals in the sciences, ignorance and sight deception. A dire thing for man to become known by his offspring as the blind; having lived in a world of fantasy.

Key words

Waves. Light. Magnetic, Fundamentals. 



  1. The Almighty Creator then did say: "How He would make fools out of all the wise in the earth." And: "To dishonor all the honored in the earth."  And that has become very obvious.

  2. But who is to have insight into the secrets of our grand Creator? Most certainly not them that play with evolution to deny Him His handiworks. The son's of God, born of Him, these yes are endowed with knowledge and insight, and few are given a sevenfold knowledge in His handiworks.

  3. The Scripture for this day and age records but one of them, Daniel in his eleventh chapter pronouncing him to be "a prince of the Covenant."

  4. From whom therefore is man to learn truth, if not from the lips of our Creator, for He not only is "Truth", but all knowledge that can be called "knowledge" - is from Him alone. And I indeed was born of Him, my home being in the heavens to which I long to return.

  5. And like it is recorded; He did furnish me with a sevenfold knowledge and wisdom, with which I am able to teach mankind. That is - to the mind that is willing to be educated, who are nor fearful of the light that it should expose their human failings.

  6. Or like John said it, (John 1:9-13.) If we cannot admit to our failings - knowledge will be wasted, for it will not enter but into a humble soul.


  1. And so for the sake of them that are willing, having an open mind, let us take this one step at the time. A wave is a line with an angular moment in it; otherwise it would not be called a wave. But where have we ever seen a wave? At the shores of lakes and oceans yes, but no-where else that I can determine.

  2. Light for its movement as well as its being - are not waves, these to the untrained eye only appear to be waves, in reality they are like the grooves in a drill-bit when it turns. In other words, they are rotating entities, and at that rotating segments.

  3. A movement set forth by the all pervading movement - that by us for its velocity is called "the Constant", while I term it "Fundamental movement." And that proceeds in a circular fashion around atoms. And for the greater ones, like radio, around whole molecules.

  4. Ever wondered why radio waves pass through walls but light does not? It is because light as it is driven forth around the perimeter of atoms - encountering an atom too large to pass is terminated. While radio waves are driven forth at a much greater diameter, turning as it goes finding room to pass though stucco and wood walls as well as metal walls.

  5. When therefore it enters the larger atoms, it exits with a reproduced wavelength that corresponds to the nature of these atoms. (color) The air thus is transparent because there are no terminals for light to enter upon. The clouds have the H2O molecule wherefore these are seen.

  6. But why may it be that the all pervading (fundamental) movement having the velocity of "Constant" has at all times a singular velocity that we have accepted at 300.000-km/sec, yet light, nor radio, etc, never attain to that velocity, but always come to a slightly lower velocity? Would you like to know how that is so?

Figure 1 (So called) waves by two velocities.  The real velocity at the constant of 300.000-km/sec. Relative velocity; the one that is relative to the angular moment in it as the speed for nominal distance.   Relative velocity noted as Vr. Real velocity noted as Vc. For all those of the magnetic spectrum.

  1. Here by Figure 1, from A to C a segment, or "angular moment" as they really are, rotates around the atoms in its path. For a red wave that will be hundreds of atoms between A and C. The velocity at which that proceeds is and can only be the all pervading fundamental movement present throughout the entire universe, having a constant rated by us at 300.000-km/sec.

  2. And at all times rides dependent on the media making contact with each atom as they pass. (Also obvious from the wet haze on a roadbed where the atoms are slightly further apart just above the roadbed.)

  3. As therefore the physical distance from A to C is 7000 angstroms, the path by which the instigated segment passes is always greater. (By our illustration passing from A over B to C.)   In other words; the angular length is added to the nominal length.

  4. When therefore the diameter of the circular path is 1.541.4a, the circumference comes to 4.84a. In order therefore for the light to travel the 7000a from A to C, it must travel a distance of 7004.84a.

  5. As then the constant is unwavering at 300.000-km/sec it is easy to discover at what velocity the light went from A to C, (the "nominal" length). Divide the total distance (7004.84a) into the constant (Its freal velocity) (300.000) by which we arrive at events called frequencies that we then multiply by the nominal length. 

  6. Example 300.000 : 7004.84 = 42.8-etc X 7000 = 299.792 km/sec. Frequencies then are never used except for the calculus, and by the blind in the sciences.

  7.  This velocity of 299.792-km/s now is the so-called speed at which light was found to travel in space - also a grave error in man, for that is but a single wavelet with a length of 7000a, whereas light comes with at least 3000 different lengths, each at its own unique velocity. 

  8. When one notes the speed of light, he is most always referring to the relative velocity, its distance in time. When however he does  - he MUST specify at what wavelength that is since there are at least 3000 of those velocities in light. To omit doing so is unprofessional, and to ignore it is ignorance, and wicked at that.

  9. Or that all waves in space travel at but a single velocity, is one of the worst stupidities man has come up. The colors of the rainbow all in itself defeat that fantasy. For if light enters our atmosphere at but a single velocity that then is blue shifted by 90-km/sec down to 299,702-km/sec.

  10. The only wave to travel at that velocity is the one having a length of 4880a. No other wavelength will - nor is able - to travel at that relative velocity. (4884.84 into 300.000, and that times 4880 = 299,702-km/sec)

  11.  Conclusively according to man's stupidity there can only be a single color in all of our atmosphere, one that is closer to blue than to red. Not I therefore - but the prism and the rainbow as well as six billion current human beings are making those men out for fools and for liars.

  12. And for our benefit when a red wave is compressed down from 7000a to roughly 5500a, it no longer appears red, but by us is interpreted as green (mid range)

  13. This is so since the light as it enters upon our receptors becomes - for us - illumination, while color is in the distinct angles of those angular moments.

  14. Realize therefore how very minute that 4000a to 7000a is within which at least 3000 different lengths each having their distinct angle. And we determine color one from the other by these extremely minute differences.

  15. A most marvelous creation of the hand of God to see, to hear, and to feel from mere movements. But then of course all things are made up by movement, of which the whole human race is as yet ignorant - that I placed in an essay called; "Motion to Motion into Perception." among other essays published by JAP. (Journal of Advances in Physics)

  16. Now notice how we came to call the rotating drill-like entities of light to be waves. For as we look at figure 1 from top to bottom and end to end - it appears to go up and down like a wave, also familiar in hospitals at their monitors. All of this however is sight deception.

  17. You would not call the flute in a drill-bit waves, now would you? Yet these also as it rotates appear to move up and down. With a drill-bit now the flutes are continues, which is not so with light or any so-called wave of the magnetic spectrum.

  18. And if you do not believe me in that part, I would like to see you place one-meter long boxes on a conveyer belt that moves at 300.000-km/sec, end to end.  Meaning in any single second you must place 300 million of these boxes on that belt. Be glad if you can place just 2 of them in one second. So it is that waves are never continues.

  19. Yet consider this, the two boxes that you managed to get on that belt arrived at their destination half way across the world within less than one/tenth part of a second.

  20. When by a cell phone you pronounce saying "hello" in the space of one second; the man at the moon hears you within one second, for it only takes one second for your voice impulses to reach the moon.

  21. And how many impulses were there? One for each letter is five, and 5 in more than 50-trillion that the mail can hold is virtually an empty conveyer belt.

  22. When we bring the atoms of a tungsten element in a glass container (light-bulb) to a frenzy, causing them to move back and forth by the rotating magnetic polarities of the electrical potential, they by these minute distances in turn instigates what we call light-waves, entities that in reality are segments of circular movement imbedded or better said "imposed" upon the all pervading movement that in turn brings it to our eyeballs to be interpreted for vision as well as color.

  23. Now put on a thinking cap, how fast did that electricity rotate? For yes I am as yet getting to the fact that electricity is nothing other than a rotating magnetic field of movement. At 120-volt, its rotation is 120 rotations per second. 

  24. As thus the atoms in the light bulb are pushed back and forth at no more than 120 times per second, they cannot deliver any more than 120 individual segments of but a fraction of a centimeter on a conveyer belt traveling at 300 million meters per second.

  25. That line now can hold 70 trillion of those segments pertaining to the longest one of light, the one we interpret for red.  120 in 70 trillion then leaves that line with more open space than anything. If it were a thousand times even sunlight does not produce that much, or ten thousand to be burned by an atomic explosion.

  26. No wave is ever continues it can-not be continues, nor is it even a wave, for in order to be formed one of more atoms have to be driven to a cut off point after which it must return.  If the sun delivered but 1/100 part of a line with angular moments we could not see for the brilliance of it, or see anything at all.

  27. On a monitor however we can create wave-like images since the speed  (voltage) of rotation can be regulated (adjusted) to any speed.

  28. Did you also kind of notice how I said "Magnetic spectrum" instead of electromagnetic? It is because there is no such thing as electromagnetic. There are electro-magnets, as magnets generated by an electrical potential, but if you my reader are able to travel a perfectly straight line by walking in a circle, - have your infamous EM. 

  29. Otherwise wake up to reality, for magnetic is linear, electro is angular, one can do one or the other, but not both simultaneously. Believe truth or cease reading.

Figure 2.  The format and pattern of a rotating magnetic movement - known as electricity.  


  1. Now I ought to speak of electricity. It will bring us to shame to believe anything that man has made of the atom as well as his gross ignorance in the nature of magnetic and electric. In that respect God has closed their mind leaving them open into the power of evil spirits so as to believe the lie.

  2.  And why not when they play with evolution and such stupid things, these do not deserve to have an understanding in the truth, but to bend their backs forever in shame and regret.

  3. But how it is possible for any mind to believe - or even consider the fantasy of man's scientists is truly beyond me. With all the evidence so clearly displayed before the eyes of all, how can it possibly be mistaken unless of course one is indeed utterly blind, like man's scientist as they obviously are.

  4. Here above by Figure 2 we are looking at the lines of movement that exist within and around a conductor, a series of figures of eight end on end. A pattern that can rotate at any speed, but is transmitted at near the speed of light.

  5. Here too as with light, there are two velocities, the speed at which this pattern is extended down the wire, calculated in the same way as the relative velocity of light is calculated, and its rotation in any factor of time.

  6. One thing we ought to bring to our attention is. How come no-one in all the many years that we have electricity placed a magnet next to a conductor of electricity to behold the wire vibrating back and forth to the magnet at the rate of its voltage (rotation)? Perhaps it has been done in many ways but no one was competent enough to realize what in fact he or she was looking at. 

  7. But then as we think about this, the nature of gravity is also very simple, yet the Lord said: "That if anyone can discover it, He would cast off the whole human race, not to forgive anyone his or her sins."  Yet I know them very well, but no I did not discover them, I was taught, I received them by revelation.

  8. I therefore am not an instrument to the fall of man, but rather to his welfare, something he will not learn nor realize until after death, when he will come to pray to in some way be called by my name. A revelation yes of what will be in the future, and how it will be.

  9. Why now would that wire move back and forth to a magnet if not for that so-called electricity itself to be magnets coupled end to end, the kind that rotate alternately bringing their north and south polarity to that magnetic pole. 

  10. That then of-course reveals the movement upon that wire to be magnetic in nature, and at that all magnetic. No single sided coins like electrons, since these do not exist, nor therefore will ever be found. These mind you are nothing more than the illicit fantasy of men not having any understanding in the fundamentals of nature, and - as God said - "due for shame and regret."

  11. And why might it be for electricity to move at the speed of light? Or rather I got that wrong, it is - for its pattern (its coordinate) to be extended at the speed of light. Otherwise electricity never moves other than rotate. In reality electricity is nothing more than a movement, a coordinate of movement riding upon the atomic substance.

  12. Just as light for it's angular moments are simply coordinates of movement, as is the power of all magnets, and of course electricity since it is none other than a coordinate of magnetic in rotation.

  13. And since that movement always travels at 300.000 km/sec so the velocity of movement in electricity, as in all magnets is at that constant in velocity. To us however for its distance in time we must add the angular length to the nominal length that then follows the computation I have given.

  14. No material parts, like atoms themselves are able to come to these velocities. Look at sound where there are material parts are on the move what its velocity comes to.  And so forget about your scientists with their illicit accelerators, they have no idea of what they are doing. These are simply wasting their time and your money.

  15. A simple experiment now is it not to discover that electricity is in fact nothing other than a magnetic movement in rotation. And why not when it is produced by twisting the magnetic lines of a stationary field into a frenzy.

  16. And why does it rotate? It is we; we cause it to rotate, by turning that armature within a magnetic field. Check the rate of rotation - it corresponds to our doings. Why should that electrical potential upon those conductors therefore not be magnetic? 

  17. Or with an alternator in our four-wheel toys, by constantly reversing the direction of rotation, whereby in all reality we have installed a crankshaft to pump rotations. Look at the steam locomotive its piston also reverses direction of movement whereby the wheels are turned.

  18. In Figure 2, where the rotating segment of movements upon that conductor are having their love-scene with that stationary magnet; each figure of eight is a segment with their polarities down the middle as any magnet has. The direction of movement then is always into two directions as noted.

  19. The whole pattern however, when the current is switched on - is extended down the line X to Y at 300.000-km/sec with its nominal distance in time (Vr) as the angular added to the nominal into the Vc, and that times the nominal.

  20. And so now we know what electricity is, something I never did learn but always knew, as is obvious since my Teacher was the very Creator of it, and endowed me accordingly. Learn truth from Truth, or stick with man in his illicit fantasies, each person after all has a will of his own to choose between right and wrong.

  21. Only no one has the right to believe as he will, but to adhere to truth alone. Nor does anyone have the right to keep to a religion as he sees fit, but to God's law alone.

  22. Then again no one has the right to persecute anyone for his beliefs right or wrong, because so said the Lord: "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay." And for one thing He send that Covid-19 in this generation, as He did send many such warnings in the generations before us. 

  23. It is inscribed upon this Covid-19: "Mend your ways or die", as it was written on all the plagues before this day. And if any man cannot see that inscription on that virus he is utterly blind.

  24. The Lord however is generous, allowing some to escape, not wishing the death of man, but that he should live with truth, and not mock Him, nor laugh at Him, or make Him out for a liar as they do each and every day.


  1. What am I to say of the atom when it is nothing like man conceives it to be?  If we understood gravity how all things are held to the center of the earth - we could have come up with the right conclusion in the nature of the atom.

  2.  Yes indeed, and to place the reality of that gravity in just a few words; The power of it is magnetic, the inclination for anything to be driven down to earth however boils down to a movement in precession, much like a spinning top when it is nudged sideways. For that in different words is like the man of magnetic embracing his female to bring her home.

  3. When therefore the atoms of oxygen come all the way down to earth's surface, while those of hydrogen remain further up; how are these subject to the earth's magnetic force if not for their own magnetic nature?

  4. In other words I am saying that even the lightest of all element are subject NOT to gravity, but subject to the earth's magnetic force, that then for a downward inclination becomes a movement understood as gravity

  5. But have I been clear enough, or should I repeat this in an other way? When a woman remains aloof the man has nothing to embrace, but when she comes to twirl in his arms what shall we expect of the man but to take her home. That in effect is gravity.  For full detail see my essays on gravity with JAP.

  6. All atoms have rotation even when they do not spin, because the movement that makes for the atom at all times completes a figure eight of movement.  They in all respect being like unto a magnet, and rather special at that. And how shall one or more atoms connect or join to one another if not for their linear capacity that is and can only be magnetic?

  7. It is never electric as man has in his gross ignorance has dreamed up, no positives, no negatives, since these rather than adhering to one another always destroy one another (short circuits). The two ends of a rotating entity always are in opposite direction of rotation of one another.

  8. Touching positive to negative is like two grinding wheels turning in opposite direction of rotation of one another, ready to grind each other down.   And since we know this so well from short circuits etc, I consider man's theory of the atom a vicious outright lie and deception, bearing the penalty of death.

  9. Have I now said too much or too little? For most persons no doubt it will be too little, accusing me of concealing much of what I know so well. But then I did not elect it that way, but for my disappointment in man I withheld much of what could be said, mostly the most beautiful of all. 

  10. Still, by Figure 3, I must show the birth of magnetic, the start of linear innovation, with its primary not for the taking.   When God created His dwelling, His tent to dwell in; to us being the whole of the universe, He set movement as its prefix. 

  11. By the power of His word He formed a certain movement as an entity in itself, something that cannot be infringed upon. And it is part of that movement of that entity that I am illustrating here in Figure 3 by the circular line that follows that pattern of eight.

  12. It is not two circles as man by his sight deception erroneously concluded, but a single circle of movement that is laid half way over - so resembling the figure of eight.

Figure 3. Birth of magnetic. (Linear movement)

  1. What then is so unique here is that from angular movement linear movement is born forth, for as the direction of movement is inward at the bottom (south) it exits at the top (north) and presto we have linear movement in addition to angular movement, as the arrows indicate.

  2. When thus I said "presto" it are not only magnets born forth, but flaming stars and planets as well, all operating on this principle of movement. As then the atoms are inclusive I will forego that subject until man has reached a reasonable degree of knowledge, and done away with evolution.

  3. We after all are to remain into eternity where there will be time for more, with that "more" on how it is written: "The west will receive all its settings from the sun." (A riddle no doubt)

  4. We in effect should have known that magnetic is by a figure eight. Any experiment with two magnets and a high-speed camera will reveal the tidal effects upon the earth. And when we do so - we will rectify our ignorance in gravity. Even Newton was wrong in that. 

  5. And should I now say more, how the tidal bulge on the opposite side of the earth is by magnetic all the same? I wish however to caution anyone of using this ill conceived word - evolution - on a positive tone. For it bears the penalty of death.  It is by what proceeds from the lips of a person that he or she will be judged, to live or die.

  6. Come now my dear people, for you are dear to me, even though I despise your doings, and I am ready to burn your hides from you. It was more than 3 centuries ago when Isaac Newton furnished you with a law to calculate the effect of gravity at any altitude.

  7. In all that time, no one to my knowledge was apt enough to discover just how far gravity would extend from mother earth. Why did I have to be the first and only one in more than 3 centuries mind you?

  8. Shame on you, shame on your forebears.  And should I now put in more details that to our shame planets cannot possibly be held gravitational?

  9. Or how may this be done to discover the extend of gravity upon the earth? I placed the question with its details on a forum, with the replies that such could not be done. And so let us do that once again showing that it can be done. 

  10. Taking the data from the Hubble space telescope, its gross weight was 24.500 lb.  Orbital altitude 353 miles.  Orbital velocity 17.500 mph. The radius to earth's center therefore is 4353 miles converted to feet. Also its velocity into ft per second. 

  11. And to do this in whole numbers:  24.500 x 25.666 = 628,817.000 x 25,666 = 16,139,217,122.000 divided by 22,983,840 = 702,198.46 lb, divided by 24.500 = 28.66.

  12. This makes the Hubble telescope to have a g/force on it of 28.66, since 702.198.46 divided by its scale weight comes to 28.66.  The factor of gravity 353 miles above the earth therefore is 28.66 and its acceleration if it were to fall would be 28.66 ft/sec/sec.

  13.  When therefore we deduct the 28.66 from 32.174 (at sea level) it comes to a decrease of 3.514 in those 353 miles, and this divided by the 353 comes to 0.009.954.674 per mile.  Then by dividing the sea level factor of 32.174 by the decrease per mile, comes to 3.232 miles, at which point the factor of gravity is zero, and the acceleration would be zero ft/sec/sec.

  14. With our moon therefore at a distance of some 240.000 miles, how can it possibly be held gravitational? 


  1. It is not by any gravity that the waters rise. Gravity pulls things down - not up, - gravity in fact restrains the waters rise. And the moon for its gravity extends barely 600 miles out from its surface, while it is more than 200 thousand miles distant from planet earth.

  2.  The real question is: How can so many be so blind for so long about this issue?  Does 2 plus 2 add up to 4 only in my book?  And I always thought that mathematics is the same for everyone!

  3. Shame on us for coming up with gravity in the cause of the tides, It is of course the moon that has us in a fix, since the tides follow the moon in its orbital movement, or the tides roll around with the earth as it looks at the moon. 

  4. But then why are there two equal tides, one on the other side of the earth as well? Many illicit fantasies have been made for the lack of knowledge and insight that man has heaped upon himself.

  5. We honor Sir Isaac Newton for his laws of motion. Not that they are his, but in them he was correct. And why then in more than 300 years not a one of us in all the billions of souls within that time period had the wisdom to punch in his law in a simple calculator that would beyond any shadow of doubt have shown that none of the planets or stars are held gravitational, along with the tides.

  6. Nasa, as well as other nations were competent enough to put satellites into orbit, while none of them were competent enough to use a calculator. Or for that matter perform simple mathematics.

  7. Man's astronomers, as one example, are completely blind when it comes to the mathematics of any radial velocity. Instead of thinking for themselves they lean on Hubble for his errors in the sciences. How dumb, how dumb.

  8. But they are not about to admit to their ignorance in their profession. When I showed them how to perform the mathematics with their yardstick named light, they were right down angry with me for showing them the obvious truth. For the light of my voice uncovered their gross ignorance in the science of astronomy.

  9. And will my current reader also become angry with me, for enlightening the truth before them? Be not so, for he who rejects me rejects himself from any norm of knowledge. He who heeds me heeds life, to reject me invites death. If that were not so - I would not have told you so.

  10. At times I question myself if indeed I should even show man his nose to reside between his eyes, even to explain how the tides really come about, since in my book he should know better, and not come up with such fantasies that he himself is well able to conjecture as fantasies.

  11. I feel for man, but I am also angry with him, angry enough to eradicate him from the face of the earth. For his ignorance yes, but more so for the wickedness of his lips.

  12. But I am a pushover, and as my wife told me again and again - with much too much compassion for the people. Wherefore let us take a look at figure 4, where the most rounded circulars between the earth and the moon depict their magnetic lines of movement, as they would be with both planets at a standstill.

  13. But when either one is set in motion, in this case the moon around the earth, the very inertia of that moon will tend to follow the law so well said by Isaac Newton, namely to pass in a straight line unless acted upon by a force to the contrary.

  14. That force then is the full quantity of the magnetic power of both objects. The moon therefore in so many words pulls on mother earth on a continual basis attempting to get away from it. (That is to proceed in a straight line, rather than angular)

  15. This power, or weight if you will, that the moon exerts on mother earth then comes to readjust (elongate) the magnetic lines of movement directly between the two objects. And as they do that movement is noted upon the surface of mother earth.

  16. By illustration, formerly the lines exited at point M, (Solid line) but now being elongated the new exit points are at points P (broken line)

Figure 4. Waters rise by elongation

  1. As therefore with the moon removed the waters upon the earth had an area from M to M, now with the moon directly over it in motion that area has decreased from P to P.

  2. And so what happens when you place a cup of water on a bowed sheet, and you pull up on the sheet forcing that cup of water to reside into a smaller area. Obviously its depth will rise.  That is how the tides occur, how the waters rise.

  3. It is indeed the moon responsible for it, but this can only occur when that moon is in motion, for it must pull the more rounded lines of magnetic movement directly under the moon into an elongation, that will nudge the liquid (rather free to move) along with it.

  4. And yes here comes a sticky point, how that water lies so well imbedded with those magnetic lines causing it to move along with it.  To fully comprehend this we must understand the norm of gravity.

  5. For consider this, You are an alien visiting mother earth, and as you move yourself like under the earth, and you look up at the oceans, the whole rounded surface, you are amazed how all that water just hangs up there with not a drop falling down.

  6. The cause as we know is gravity, as it holds every drop of water and every atom in it perfectly in line with its center of force. As then that field of force is moved so is the water, and so is everything else held in its embrace. Only by resistance the rigid parts of the earth do not move. Within them the lines just move up.

  7. And here comes the other secret; how in fact if that moon would move too slowly, the lines by the inertia of the water would also move up within the water rather than moving the water.

  8. But with the impulse of speed verses the inertial hold that earth's magnetic field has on every atom the water will have its momentary movement, that is enhanced by every new line of movement that comes to pass upon it.  I now did say "momentary" if you gather what is meant by that.

  9. As the moon moves picking up new lines on a continual basis each atom may be nudged a thousand times by a thousand lines. Gravity - as such - therefore has a hand in raising the water, even as it simultaneously restrains the rise of the water.

  10. Gravity however is not the power - that belongs to magnetic, and magnetic only. The rise for its degree however is directly proportional to the velocity of the moons orbital trajectory that in turn coincides with its inertia, or as we might say - mass in motion.  There is of course more to this, but for now for most of us too deep to handle.

  11. As then the magnetic pattern between the moon and earth are depressed (elongated) the same must occur on the opposite side of the earth away from the moon. Magnetic is after all like unto an eight, and when the handles of a pair of scissors are closed in - so also the cutting edges will be closed in.

  12. Therefore both tides are equal in their waters rise. Figure 5 illustrates the dual tides, and how these would come still higher with the sun, moon, and earth, in line, the magnetic tentacles of the sun adding to the elongation.

Figure 5 the waters rise on both sides of the earth within the figure eight of force. With gravity restraining it, as well as being a factor in the rising of the waters.

  1. If now the orbital velocity of the moon were increased the tidal bulges will be higher. Also a larger moon will have more effect, for whatever volume the moon is made of, - it at all times for its inertia tends to take a straight line away from us.

  2. Its orbital trajectory then is induced and held in check magnetically by the combined effect that the earth and the moon have in common.

  3. And now have you ever wondered why you walk upright, and that it is not the surface of the earth to which we are drawn, but to the center of the center of the earth. We always speak of a waters rise in the tides since a liquid is able to be displaced, while the solid earth presents too much resistance to these fields of force.

  4. But we in our movement are not that rigid, wherefore we also can be moved and are moved.  A bit complicated perhaps, but we move with the tidal bulges, as well as with our location upon the earth. This can be verified experimentally with sensative equipment.

  5. #1: On the equator our bodies are in perfect alignments with the center of the magnetic potential.

  6. #2: A thousand miles to either side of that equator our alignment is into two directions, primarily the center of force, center of earth, and secondly to earth's axis directly below our feet.

  7. #3: Our body's tilt slightly when the moon rises over us for its tidal effect. Or anything else that is free to move, when its resistance is smaller than the force placed upon it.

  8. Here is the means to prove me wrong. Truth however cannot be overcome.


  1. That electricity is turns of movement should have been obvious to us with our internal combustion engines. Here we utilize a spark to ignite the fuel, that is to say: To cause the molecules of that mixture to be rearranged.

  2. The piston then is forced down by the power of magnetic as the atomic fields are raised to a high velocity so they expand in precisely the same way and cause as two magnets are driven from one another.

  3. We call it pressure, omitting to mention the cause and power of that pressure, mainly because to this day we have remained ignorant of these fundamentals in nature.

  4. Also the reason why the pressure seems instantaneous, and how and why explosions are explosions. Or a bullet fire from a gun also of magnetic, for magnetic is at all times at its constant in velocity. Take any two magnets faced by opposite directions of movement, and see how fast these move.

  5. If the power were not magnetic there would be no explosion, nor any gun to construct, and all bombs would be duds. Be rather thankful for the endless expertise of our Creator to have made all things in this way, by movement into movement, also how our very bodies exist by it and how all things become us for and by movement.

  6. The reason now how we should have known that electricity is turns of movement is for that spark, since in order to raise the voltage from 12-volt to some 15,000-volt, we inserted turns (a coil) because to add turns increases the speed of rotation.

  7. We know it and built all sorts of transformers, and yet with all that man is blind to the fact that 2 plus 2 adds up to 4. With money they have the understanding, but in the figure of speech, in everything else they are blind, the correlation of one factor to another not registering upon them.

  8. When it comes to forensic science however correlation is the main factor, how then does man not see that in every other way?

  9. Two plus two however always adds up to four, even as turns of movement are turns of movement and compensate for turns of movement as well as augments turns of movement. 

  10. By Figure 6, the number of turns to safely allow a 110-volt rotation to exist upon a coil around a bar will be raised to 220 volt rotations simply by adding more turns, that is to say by adding physical turns. If then this appears obvious with transformers, one has yet to learn electricity.

  11. For here at the input the 110-volt rotations must be an alternating current so as to create a pump, a magnetic pump, to turn the metal bar into a pump, like unto the cylinder of a steam locomotive, that by reversal a rotation may be set up, that a wheel may be set in motion.

  12. But how and/or why do we come to that higher rate of revolutions (220) when the pump is pumping at only the rate of 110 rotations per second?  It is because electricity are turns of movement  and turns add to turns simply that.

Figure 6. Turns into turns.

  1. With twice as many turns at the output the magnetic pump is forcing the electrical potential to pass through twice as many turns. And as turn are turns, physical or none physical, these add to the magnetic potential for its speed of rotation.

  2. As thus the pump is a magnetic entity, not any physical entity, but utilizing physical substance upon which to conduct itself - the net result will also be magnetic, a rotating magnetic entity.  For as the input produces magnetic fluxes in a rotating fashion, these become imbedded upon the insulated conductor with twice as many turns. Physical turns thus add to that magnetic movement in rotation.

  3. But why should that current only be upon the conductor? The steel of the bar in its molecular fashion is suitable to be what we call magnetized, in better wording to entertain and maintain a linear magnetic field, something that the molecular structure of copper is not able to entertain or maintain, yet the structure of that copper is well suited to conduct a magnetic field.

  4. As therefore the copper cannot be magnetized it as such isolates itself from that linear magnetic field that is within and upon the steel bar, but readily conducts the magnetic movement - rotational and otherwise.

  5. The molecular structure of plastic for example is not suited to even conduct any rotating magnetic field, yet it will to some extend let a linear pass.  As then turns add for turns be they of an immaterial movement or physical turns.

  6. A 110 volt potential fed into a wire laid out straight will terminate itself since it does not contain the necessary physical turns in which to appease itself.  If then in addition to these turns we add ten times as many turns - its speed of rotation at the end thereof will be tenfold.

  7. Within a light bulb the atoms of the element by their movement serve as turns by which to appease the 110-volt magnetic rotations passed upon them.

  8. One might envision these atoms as a set of gears to take up the movement of the potential. Acting in a way we utilize transmissions to take up the speed of the crankshaft verses those of the wheels. Nor need that be gears in transmissions.


  1. That the amount of sunlight per area determines the temperature in summer to winter is something man has observed correctly. But as to how the seasons come about in that he is dead wrong. Quote: "As Earth orbits the Sun, its tilted axis always points in the same direction."

  2. By sight deception is how man interprets most of his fundamentals. And this is one of them, and here again he should know better and not be deceived by sight deception. Two plus two always must add to 4, something extremely difficult for the mind of man to apprehend.

  3. For he lacks correlation and the mind to insight, of which he is himself to blame. To say that the axis always points in the same direction is a clear unmistakable deception by eyesight. It never does but is constantly on the move just as the axis of a spinning top nudged to the linear is always on the move.

  4. If the earth moved as man has it there would be no gravity having removed its fundamentals. Since then gravity is a certain fact - man is in the wrong.  But how do we prove to the blind in insight that their eyesight is deceiving them?

  5. To me the fact that gravity exists, all in itself is full evidence that man is wrong in his theory to the seasons. But who else has a mind to apprehend such correlations to their net outcome?

  6. Yet it is still simple in other ways, but simple to anyone with a good sense of knowledge and common sense reasoning, one to follow logic and not too proud to admit to his human failings.  Man's scientists behold the earth as nothing more than a dead rock in space, one that rotates and has its axis from south to north at a 22.5 degree angle in respect to its trajectory around the sun.

  7. But the earth is hardly a dead immovable rock. Another point in evidence are the magnetic fields of the two spheres how these by interweaving with one another not only moves the earth forward in its trajectory but also forces it into a movement of precession.

  8. But that point in evidence is currently beyond the norm of man.  So then I must prove it in another way that hopefully will register upon him.

  9. In reference to Figure 7 at 7A, the earth starts out at point X proceeding towards Y, Z and W, back to X. That now is one full turn of orbit around the sun, and according to the failings of man must also be 4 full seasons. But the seasons do not come in one full turn around the sun; these complete themselves "before" that full turn.

  10. And yes man admits to that while at the same time by his theory the seasons must complete themselves at the full turn of orbit, as it obviously is to him since he made the earth as nothing more than a rock in space whose axis never tilts.

  11. These things then are not according to facts, but facts don't seem to matter much to our teachers in the sciences, all of their statements being contradictory in themselves.

  12. The 20 minutes short of coming to a full turn when the 4 seasons are full is a "regression" of the earth that causes the axis of the earth to point to a different location in the heavens graduating between two stars in the space of 13.000 years.

  13. But who has ever heard of a regression with mother earth? Man has yet to decipher any such thing. In their book the loser in a race simply came behind. That "behind" then being the same as a regression has yet to focus itself; they prefer to call it a precession, with a new name called nutation. And so I say. "O what web we weave in order to deceive."

Figure 7 The seasons by precession just short of one turn of orbit.

  1. When indeed will man wake up to the fact that his seasons never come about by precisely one full turn of orbit, and that a regression is never a precession?

  2. After he dies no doubt, God having made fools of them, taking away their honor replacing it with shame and regret, because they should have known better, not allowing their ignorance to deceive them.

  3. And worse than all to be contradictory in their statements, something that does bear punishment. Ignorance can readily be forgiven, but a split tongue is found with vipers-brood.

  4. The facts are simple. Figure 7B in reference the earth starting out a X coming around completes its four full seasons at point S, a bit short of one turn of orbit, that all in itself defeats man's illicit theory of our earth being a mere rock in space that does not precess, even while the sun is forcing a precession upon it as well as a rotation.

  5. As the earth is driven forth in its trajectory around the sun, that sun automatically and simultaneously drives a single precession upon it in a factor of 366 magnetic interweaving that by and in its orbital velocity comes to nearly a full turn of orbit.

  6. There are indeed 360 degrees in a circle, something for the accounting, but since we are part of the heavens our human nature in 6 is added for the full precession in conjunction with one full orbital track.  A mouth full is it not, and deep seated that I did define in chapter 41 of my website called "Earth's Journey." Also 42. Published by and in JAP.

  7. Since then that precession of the earth is forged by nearly a full turn of orbit, it may appear as if it is stationary like a dead rock in space, but to behold it as such is sight deception. It is our duty to consider all facts and to correlate every one factor to the other for a correct outcome. As then man dismisses such things so easily he is due for shame, not having done his duty.

  8. As there are 360 degrees in any circle, our Creator commanded us to count but 360 days in any year, since there are but 360 of such days, with the remainder to be held in reckoning. This is fully laid out in the Calendar that God gave us to go by.

  9. That calendar then is fully interwoven with the movements of the earth, and a perfect calendar. And it was taught to and held by the Israelites for many years, but after the offering of the Lord on the cross when for their grave mockery of Him He drove them out of their homeland, He also took away their wisdom not leaving them any teacher of grid.

  10. And so that calendar of real days fixed in the earth became forgotten while the Gentiles manufactured their own after the roman emperors like July and August named after them. But like always when ignorance makes its attempt at a calendar, that calendar will be become ignorance in itself.

  11. And that to this day is still held by all that are ignorant of the truth, the whole of the Gentile world with Israel falling along with them.

  12. But this is about to change with the coming of the Lord that pagan calendar will fade away, and God's calendar, the only real calendar (As I have it in my website) will become of force, first in Israel then to the whole world.

  13. There are as yet a thousand years to go before we shall enter into eternity, and my kingdom will be in that new world, in which no-one with his hide still upon them will enter.


  1. That the atom is of a magnetic nature should be obvious, and it is seen in all things. Herewith by Figure 8, is a simple one the structure of ice. Formerly the atoms were lose from one another 3 in 1 (H2O), the velocity of their internal movement being moderate.

  2. As then that internal velocity decreased the 3 in 1 atoms began to restructure their magnetic polarity finalizing into a structure as illustrating here. Six of the Oxygen atoms combine through the intermidiate of their Hydrogen atoms into a hexagon.

Figure 8. Water into ice by magnetic polarities.

  1. Now look and consider how well that is done, all six of the Oxygen atoms have identical polarity facing inward as well as outward. The open space in this hexagon exists by the directionally conductive direction of those six, keeping a respective distance from one another.

  2. While at the same time adhere very well to all the hexagons next to them by their outward direction of polarity, and to one another in a complete circle, a total of 18 atoms.

  3. Note here how ignorant it is for atoms to join electrically as the young are brainwashed in the classrooms, as if they have never seen or heard of short circuits. Positive to Negative never adhere. These as opposites come rather destroy each other, wherefore coils as transmission are inserted.

  4. All this is done automatically as their polarities for direction of - changes by the rate of movement, the rate of velocity, in this the rate went down to freezing.

  5. When the rate goes up to some 200 degrees f, and the internal movement of all the atoms spin faster and faster, they distance themselves from one another, and likewise with the molecules as a whole one to the next push away from each other, and the water becomes steam.

  6. Then as we compress that steam we not only in essence but in reality are forcing billions of magnets (atoms, and molecules) together against their repulsive force that we then release in a cylinder of a steam locomotive. The train therefore is powered and driven by magnetic force.

  7. Nor is it only the steam locomotive but all diesel locomotives likewise have their power by magnetic, as all internal combustion engines have their power by magnetic. And with turbines the same is true, by the expansion of magnetic fields. And for an explosion to exist the velocity of those magnetic fields must be of and by the constant. In no other way can any explosion occur.

  8. If it were not for magnetic in its directional conductive nature the above structure would collapse, or in the first place, could not possibly exist. The beauty of the atom where I spoke of it being magnetic that it was rather special in its magnetic nature is anything but an under-statement.

  9. How by the rate of their internal movement they structure and re-structure their direction of polarity. Increase the rate of movement and each atom restructures its polarity, with the Oxygen atom able to hold on to only two of the Hydrogen atoms. And these will do so until the rate of movement becomes so high that even these 3 will disband from one another into pure gasses.

  10. Our air for example if it were singular would be solid, in one way of looking at it, while in another it would simply be a gas, like Hydrogen when single. In that state they are not much of a magnet, not projecting their linear capacity from the angular.

  11. The Oxygen of our air then is mostly dual that when called upon it readily projects its linear capacity, like in combining with most fuels, and within our bodies to serve the many cells, etc.   All this by the rate of movement, or temperature as it is mostly called.  A marvel in itself and too much for this essay to go any deeper into.


Figure 9 Electrical generator

  1. I thought to place this illustration Figure 9 once again for some realization of what electricity really is. Notice those field lines? And what are they if not a magnetic field? And what are we doing with an insulated guide turning it through these stationary lines?

  2.  If you construe them as strings, as in fact they are, you would be twisting those strings in a frenzy of turns upon your guide would you not? How then shall electricity not be magnetic, and at that a rotating field of magnetic?

  3. Whoever invented it as a flow of little parts called electrons is as blind and as dumb-witted as the hind end of a cow. And most - if not all of mankind - is extremely ignorant to come to believe upon that gross nonsense.

  4. For nonsense it is, sheer fantasy, and at that grossly ignorant, so much so that I have come to call it; "A vicious outright lie." And while I can forgive most of man's ignorance, this is one item I will not forgive him, because it is a vicious lie rather than an error.


  1. And now on a lighter note let us speak of light in its refraction and reflection, how that is done. The blind are teaching us it is by frontal waves as they encounter a slanted surface and/or a change in the density of the media. Then with the other part of their tongue pronounce them to be waves, how then are waves frontal is a factor of correlation never as yet having dawned on them.

  2. And if I state that "density" itself as such is never any factor in refraction other than by figure of speech, I am speaking quite correctly.

  3. And to make a quotation: "Refraction is caused by light passing from one medium to another (from air to water, for example) and experiencing a change in speed."

  4. That statement is not untrue in itself, but it gives a false impression, since for one thing, the change in speed is a "byproduct" not any cause, nor is there any change in speed for the light in and for any density, other than a change in velocity for distance in time.

  5. We now cannot really blame that person for his ill statement since he has no understanding in what light is, nor how it moves about. But then again his statement is false in this that light does not refract (that is - change direction) from one medium to another except when it strikes it at some angle.

  6. The waves of the spectrum move through metal and air and every other medium at one single velocity, named constant. But because it is forced into more turns in the angular in the denser mediums, its velocity for distance in time is curtailed accordingly. See Figure 1 for the details.


Figure 10 and 11

  1. Here however by Figure 10, and 11, I am illustrating how the rotational aspect of light, and the likes is not quite like that of a drill-bit. The flutes as shown in Figure 10, are alike on the outside, but a drill-bit centers on its point down the middle while the rotational aspect of light has its centering on the outer edge, since unlike the drill-bit - light for its mode is like a tube.

  2. The angle of refraction or deflection is therefore different one from the other indicated by Figure 11.

Figure 12. Light reflection

  1. Then there is lights reflection that is not like a ball or a stone to bounce back from a surface, but it rolls back, turning, wherefore also its angle in return is equal to its angle of approach (B equal to A) As a rotating entity the light maintains its circumference and never at all compresses nor contracts upon any deflection but simply curves around within its own diameter following its circumference.

  2. Within a mirror it is blue shifted, deflected at the back thereof, and red shifts as it exits. Even if a red wave was compressed to be green in color within the mirror we can not see it since the only wave entering our eyes are outside of that mirror. The same is true for any prism.

  3. The same principle is true with an alternating current of electricity. The rotation of that current does not stop and then start turning in the opposite direction, but simply rolls around in its own figure of eight returning upon its own other direction of movement.

  4. That is also why alternating current can be raised to such high speed of rotation on those high power poles. A stop and go scenario does not exist with electricity or with any segment of the spectrum.

  5. Light is not seen to pass through a metal bar, not because the line of it cannot pass through it, for that line goes through metal as fast as it passes through air and space. But the atoms of metal being too large and/or to dense having many couplings, it erases the angular moment's that for us makes for illumination.

  6. A straight line is darkness; only by angular moments at a certain length will illumination become real to us.

  7. Light will be erased in glass faster than it will in water, since in water there are only two atoms connected to the larger atom, whereas in glass there are four of them, four connecting points at which the moments of light will be erased.


  1. Man's scientists are absolutely lousy in illustrating their theories, mainly because they have no idea of the reality of what they are speaking of. Figure 13 here is horribly atrocious, completely unlike reality, and that by their own teachings. Do they not teach that light comes in lengths, as also radio waves etc?

  2. If then here in the illustration they are one-meter lengths, how large is their amplitude? It must be something like 20 to 30 meters or more? Why then do they specify length and not rather amplitude, it being the largest Part of their so-called waves?

  3. By way of correlation; if according to our brain-child's (man) a one meter long wave has an amplitude of lets say ten meters (as illustrated) and it reaches its destination at 275.000-km/s, how fast must it move to accomplish that feat? 

  4. That 1-meter as it zig zags by ten-meters must travel one thousand kilometers for every 100-kilometers that it moves forward. Its velocity therefore must be in ten-fold -like 2-million 750-thousand-km/s, while by their own law nothing can move faster than 300.000-km/s.

  5. How ignorant therefore to show enlarged amplitudes, or even to suggest that light or any segment of the spectrum gets pushed back and forth, (transverse)  I consider it insane.

  6. Also ask any of them what the amplitude of a light wave is, or may be and all you will get is a bunch of garbage, a load of hogwash since none of them have the faintest conception even in how to discover the amplitude of any light.

  7. As their illustrations are atrocious so are they in all that passes from their lips. And I am thankful to God my Father that He will put an end to all of it, and them.

Figure 13. Horribly atrocious.

  1. Man speaks of carrier waves to then send their signal upon that wave, and yes it works because they are simply modulating the carrier wave. And so if we have a one-meter wave as the carrier wave, with its amplitude at two centimeters, its relative velocity will be 294,117.6 km/sec.

  2. If then we imbed a ten-meter wave upon it as our signal, that signal wave will travel at the relative velocity of 299,401 km/sec. The signal wave will travel 5,284 km/sec faster than the carrier wave.

  3. Of what use therefore is the carrier wave when it serves no purpose, since in the first place no such angular moment can be imbedded upon any other angular moment. All wave lengths travel independent of any other, or they will cancel each other out, or reinforce one another.


Figure 14, More realistic                      Figure 15. Half length of a red color wave

  1. The illustration in figure 14 is more realistic. The signal send is a modulation of the carrier wave. But the length of any wave is always far greater than its diameter, or amplitude as it may be called. Figure 15 here is more realistic as but one half of a red wavelet.

  2. Our telephones work very well having come to it by trial and error. If only now man would understand the fundamentals and actual workings of it. The same is true for electricity, we have coils to boost the voltage to the spark plug, but as to its fundamentals man is, or was fully ignorant of its fundamentals.

  3. And who among man comprehends that the pistons in his automobile were driven down by magnetic power?  Pressure may be presumed as putting more volume into a given area, but what keeps those atoms at bay from one another? Warm them up so as to increase their internal velocity and the pressure will rise. It therefore is not only in volume.

  4. I may have entitled this essay as sight deception, but mans errors are not only by sight deception, He is all respect is grossly ignorant of any kind of fundamentals in the sciences. His theory with light is that in order to get more bricks to your home, to use a wider truck. 

  5. Now my reader will think that I am joking, that no one can be that ignorant. But no, I am dead serious, and I will prove it to you. 

  6. At the question these are the answers. Quote: "An amplitude in terms of an eletromagnetic wave is related to intensity. So technically, the more intense a light wave is at a point, the more its amplitude." And quote: "The amplitude of light, in a classical sense, is a measurement of its intensity (brightness)."\

  7. Stupid! You will say, of course it is. Have you ever used a magnifying lens to start something burning? Intensity is by putting more and more wavelets to a single point or area. That is why we sweat at equator and shiver in the cold at the polar regions.

  8. Intensity has nothing at all to do with amplitude, and the amplitude of all visible light is one and the same for all. This is a fact, and why then with a split tongue are some us contradicting these obvious proven facts?  And how does one come to the diameter of light, its amplitude in its mode of travel? Any takers? No one to this day other than myself have accomplished it.

  9. And how did I do so? Quite simple: Light from space was measured at the relative velocity of 299,792 km/sec., as one factor in the calculation. The other is our knowledge and accepted standard for the constant, (highest) speed to reside at 300.000 km/sec. By these two figures we are thus to find the amplitude, a measurement that must coincide with these figures.

  10. We then knowing that light passes all atoms in air and space the diameter must be at least as large as these in diameter or else they could not pass, nor can that diameter be much greater than them since light is stopped at most all surfaces for the larger size of its atoms.

  11. And we do know, or at least I do, that light grazes the circumference of all atoms in its path, making contact upon each one of them. Evident from that wet haze on a hot roadbed where for the slightly greater spacing between atoms light is deflected.

  12. Therefore taking an arbitrary measure of 1.54 angstroms into the constant, and that times the nominal must come to 299.792 km/sec, or else our figure is wrong. Since then that velocity of 299,792 was a measured velocity, the longest within them would come first.

  13. Therefore taking the 7000a in nominal length with 3/14 times the diameter came to 4.84 angstroms in circumference. 7004.84 then into the 300.000 and that times the nominal of 7000 computes to 299,972 km/sec.

  14. Accordingly I arrived at the correct diameter by which light travels. Meaning the correct amplitude that cannot be disproved and will always remain as fact. And don't even hint at transverse movement, or have yourself committed to the institute for the insane.

  15. I said simple, and it is simple to discover a third factor from two others. Nor can I be mistaken in it, for only at that diameter in circumference is light found to travel. Or else man's readings were wrong. Or our assumption of the constant is in error, and if so the factor may vary somewhat but the principle remains the same.

  16. I now know very well that God has given me a knowledge greater than my generation, and that it is by that insight and capacity that I am able to perform what no other person seems to been able to perform. I then am indeed grateful, and how and why then should I be so stern with man for his ignorance?

  17. Ignorance then comes about when one departs from his Creator, and that I despise. I know very well that my reprove earns me enemies, but I am confident that there will be some wise among my readers. And when a wise man is reproved he will thank you, so also Solomon said. (One person at least did so to me, may God bless him)

  18. Common sense alone dictates for intensity to have a greater load, more wavelets per given area, not a wider truck.  The answer as to how and why it is colder at the polar regions than elsewhere is taught quite correctly.

  19. One of man's major problems is that he conceive waves as being continues, even the old telegraph did not teach him anything how it is by tapping on a line that messages are send, not anything continues. 

  20. For again they know very well what the speed of radio, etc is, near that of light. And how fast can they move their hand up and down to deliver them on a line moving at that speed? And so I acclaim they are without common sense - that then will burn their hides.

  21.  God did not make us that way, but that we adapt knowledge and understanding; that we look to Him, and not away from Him, the latter bearing punishment and reprove.

  22. Our common light bulb with no more than 120 impulses per second delivers light, and to make it brighter is by increasing the impulses, how thus shall the count of 120 possibly come to 70 trillion? If that cannot be understood, close the book, shut down the computer, for you have eyes in vain, and a mind that is frozen.

  23. When illustrating a line of light, a length of 7000 to 4.84 is a division of 1,446. or if lights amplitude were as large as that of radio there would be no walls to see, nor the clothe upon your back or even a green meadow to play in. Or how would you even find your hamburger?

  24. And if light is terminated at every connecting point where the hydrogen atoms connect to the oxygen atom, like in the ocean where at some 600 ft down no light is left, be glad that light is just large enough in circumference to pass the atoms in the air.


  1. There are 300 million meters in 300.000 km. A one-meter wave therefore in one second to pass 300 million meters will have to rotate at the rotational speed of 300 million.  A two-meter wave however gets there much faster since for its longer lengths it only has to rotate at the speed of 150 million in that single second.

  2. The speed for distance in time (relative velocity) for the 1-meter wave is near 202,156 km/s. for the 2-meter wave it is about 241,545 km/sec.  That is 39,389 km/s faster

  3. By figure 16 within the broken lines are two wavelengths, one of 7000A and one of 4000A, and to cut down on numbers let us use meter lengths for angstroms. As for the tubular width around the circumference let us set it at 5 angstroms.

Figure 16 statistics

  1. The solid line within is one half of the wavelet greater for the 7000A, smaller for the 4000A. The velocity at which these lines pass around the circumference is the "Constant", the full 300.000 km/s, or simply "Vc".  Then we must find the "relative" velocity of each for the actual distance it proceeded in that one second of time.

  2. Vc then divided by the full length of 7005/m comes to a frequency of 42.826, with 4005/m to 74.906 in frequency. These then multiplied by the nominal length of 7000, and 4000 provides us with the relative velocity of each as noted (Rv).

  3. Now let us come to something more realistic, there are ten billion angstroms in each meter wherefore in 1 single kilometer there is room for 1.428.571.428 lengths at 7000a, that is the 1/300.000 part of the frequency in any one second of our red wave, the full frequency being 300/000 times over. (a 4 with 14 more numbers)

  4. And so we never record the factual frequency that would fit in a red wave, nor are these frequencies ever produced at that rate, not even for a 300.000 part thereof.

  5. What the real frequency of any light wave is we may never know, we can indeed calculate how many lengths would fit for any distance, as we just did, but thatís it, and no more. The true frequency depends on how many times in one second we can instigate an impulse upon the line of magnetic.

  6. If it be as fast as 300.000 that comes to one single wavelet in each single kilometer, more than enough by which to have our beholding, or to be blinded by it.

  7. In all respects frequency is a mister Dunsel, meaning part of something that serves no useful purpose. The manufacturers of microwaves always lie about their products, specifying a frequency it never at all comes to. These lack having an understanding in the fundamentals of their products.

  8. And the FCC also is grossly ignorant when granting communication companies their highway in the sky, specifying frequencies no one ever comes near to.

  9. Waves are never continues; yet we have need of it in our mathematics to full frequency in order to establish velocity as well as the speed in rotation. In one single kilometer there is room for roughly 1.4-billion red wavelets.

  10. The number of rotations then would have to be 1.4 billion in 1/300.000 of a second, that then travels forward at the Rv of 299.785/km/sec and rotates at that same velocity, for it in all essence is a magnetic pulse passing along a single thread upon a long bolt at 300.000/km/s.

  11. As thus the linear velocity of the wavelet is 300.000/km/s, with the Rv for its length of 7000a at 299.785/km/s.  As then the angular distance in the circumference is no more than 5a each that for its angular momentum comes to 214/km/s.

  12. (1.428.571.428 frequency times 5a  = 7.142.857.140 angstroms in 1/km divided by 10 billion = 0.7/meters times 300.000/km = 214.285/m/sec divided by 1000 comes to 214/km/s.)

  13. The angular velocity of a wave for its many rotations in one second is thus in effect a snails pace compared to its linear velocity. The number of rotations per second in time seems astronomical for those of light. No wonder therefore that light travels in such straight lines, its velocity of rotation giving it stability.

  14. And yet while its nominal forward velocity is equal to some 6 times around the earth in one second, the angular velocity of these many rotations by comparison is but a snails pace at 214 km/s.


  1. I have been teaching that the power to push down the cylinders is magnetic, and magnetic only. Some may call it hearsay, others with the evidence before them will be enriched. Why is it that the power companies string their high voltage wires so far from the poles? Because they know that as the speed of rotation increases the magnetic field increases - so they expand.


Figure 17, and 18.  Magnetic expansion.

  1. The spin of atoms will expand their borders, but it is not in that movement as it is for and by their internal movement shown by Figure 18 in the semblance of a figure eight of movement. When these fields are brought to higher movement so their fields expand as seen in most-lighter elements.

  2. And with them as part of a molecule that expansion multiplies. And when they do so; their magnetic polarity may and in other cases may not be restructured whereby these as such become different compound elements, like in gasoline, and gun-powder.

  3. The lightest of all then have the greatest expansion because these have the room to expand within. In the structure of steel the atoms are held very rigid, and tend to expand but slightly or visa versa.

  4. All the while their internal movement increases in velocity to turn it red hot, or white hot before it comes to a melting, when even then these atoms are very well held to one another preventing any major expansion.

  5. For our knowledge to be enhanced understand how all power and movement is by magnetic. The beauty of magnetic is that its main movement is directionally conductive, Alikes to join, and un-likes to drive away from each other.

  6. A south to a north are movements of like directions. In so many ways forget about electrical to make for anything, or to move anything. Learn to call it by its real name and nomenclature - being magnetic, and magnetic only.

Figure 19. Direction of rotation to direction of rotation.

  1. Then by Figure 19 a diode is illustrated, an element within which by its many parts their direction of rotation is fixed, like by A, when its internal direction of rotation is counter clockwise, it will only pass any current having a counter clockwise rotation, like a north to a south, movements of alike.

  2. Whereas at B a current having a clockwise rotation will not pass, but be rejected like a north to a north, movements of un-like directions. That all in itself also proves electricity being magnetic. These things are utilized to convert an ac current to a dc current.


  1. Astronomers use light as a measuring tool, but as I have seen none of them have the faintest conception how to use that measuring tool. Consequently all of their measures are in error, and at that grossly in error. And to give an example, quote:

  2. Absorption lines of hydrogen, normally measured to be at 4861Ň and 6563Ň, were measured in the spectrum of a particular galaxy to be at 4923Ň and 6647Ň.   The speed of light, c, has a constant value of 300,000 km/sec.   Therefore this galaxy has a red shift of  z = [(4923 - 4861) / 4861] and z = [(6647 - 6563) / 6563]    z = [62 / 4861] and z = [84 / 6563]    z = 0.01275 It thus is moving away from us with a velocity, v = c * z = 300,000 km/sec * 0.01275 = 3826 km/sec. Unquote.

  3. Since it is absolute that for any wave velocity both its length and amplitude enter into the calculation, let us instead calculate that radial velocity and utilize the circumference at 4.84A as a standard for it.

Normal reading in velocity

       4861 + 4.84 = 4865.84 

: 300.000 x 4861 = 299.701-km/sec

6563 + 4.84 = 6567.84

 : 300.000 x 6563 = 299.779-km/sec

 Radial velocity by spectrum readings

4923 + 4.84 = 4927.84

: 300.000 x 4923 = 299.705-km/sec

6647 + 4.84 = 6651.84

: 300.000 x 6647 = 299.782-km/sec

  1. When therefore we deduct the 299.705 from the 299.701 its radial velocity comes to no more than 4-km/s. and the same comes to no more than 4-km/s when 299.782 is deducted from 299.779.

  2. That mind you is nearly a thousand percent error on their part. Their main failure lies in their use of Hubble's formulas, for as Hubble was wrong and ignorant in these matters so they fall flat on their face with him.

  3. And what none of them have as yet realized is that the change in velocity by any shift red or blue is not the same for all lengths, the cause of which lies in how all waves are produced, or instigated as the term may be.

Figure 20. The protractor, A headache for astronomers.

  1. The way to view this is by the protractor illustrated in Figure 20.  When we instigate pulses with any electronic device the pulse is always at right angle to the direction at which it is taken away by nature's fundamental movement at its constant.

  2. And that as always in the circular, all atoms having rotational movement as they must to be atoms in the first place. The protractor here then is the perfect example.

  3. A pulse instigated from X to Y, will have an angular momentum relevant to the rate (Speed) at which it is induced that then goes together with the distance of travel. Like for example, on the atomic level it comes to light, on the molecular level it comes to radio, etc.

  4. When therefore it comes to expansion and/or contraction (shifts) the change in velocity varies for the length of the wave. Note on the protractor how a pulse on the 30 to 40 percent comes to 6, while a pulse from 50 to 60 percent (longer wave) comes to 15.

  5. The shorter waves then when expanded come to a greater change in velocity than the longer waves. And to discover the evidence for this phenomena, below is a chart showing the real velocities verses their new velocity with the same amount of shift (expansion).


4000  to  4040A  

299.637.4 km/s   to    299.641.0-km/s

= 3.6-km/s  

8000  to  8040A    

299.818.6 km/s    to    299.819.5  km/s

=  0.9-km/s  

6800  to  7000A 

299.786.6 km/s   to 299-792.7-km/s 

= 6.1-km/s  

8000  to  8200A 

299.818.6 km/s   to    299.823.0-km/s

    = 4.4-km/s

  1.  When a 4000a wave is expanded by 40a its change in velocity is 3.6-km/s, while for the longer 8000a wave with the same 40a expansion its change in velocity is only 0.9-km/s. And by 3 and 4 with an 200a expansion the 8000a comes to 4.4-km/s, with the shorter one at 6.1-km/s.

  2. If then one wonders how he will ever come to a correct measure in velocity, we need not utilize the protractor, nor go by any percentage, but only the calculus as I have shown since it accurately accounts the angular with the linear of any wave into the correct relative velocity.

  3. And so forget about Hubble, he is wrong, whereas I cannot be wrong entering the angular as well as linear measure of any wave into the calculation. And if I am wrong by any fraction, it is not my fault, but man's fault in his reading of the speed of light in space.


  1. In conclusion, with this essay my attempt has been to awaken the mind open to truthful sentiments, and to reveal a few of the fundamentals in nature how they differ from sight deception, as well as display truth verses fantasy.

  2. I have little choice but to reprove man for his ill concocted theories. As then it is of the unwise to hate reprove, with my lips I am bound to gather many enemies. Their hatred however of me will come to their own demise. I cannot change, nor will I change, and justice is with me at all times. No man can overcome me the Lord my Father being with me always.